Why does your down jackets smell and how to remove?

As the cold winter approaches, consumers are ready to choose their down jackets from retail stores. As a private label clothing retailer, are you fully prepared for the new down jacket and other outdoor jackets?

Sky Swallow is willing to provide you with one-stop service. You only need to provide the design and demand of new down jackets projects. We will quickly prepare and manufacture materials for you, enrich your stock, and help you serve your local and even global consumers with the best quality products.


What is the wholesale down jacket?

Down jacket is one of the commonly used winter coats. Down jacket is generally made of chemical fiber materials such as Nylon and Polyester, which is soft, smooth, high strength, washable and wear-resistant, and has good color fastness. The down jacket is filled with soft and comfortable goose down or duck down. Generally speaking, goose down jacket with the same quality and content is better than duck down jacket in terms of warmth retention and fluffy degree. This is also the reason why the price of goose down is higher than that of duck down. In order to save costs, down jacket brands and manufacturers usually use duck down or a mixture of duck down and goose down. The total weight of a down jacket usually is 500~1000g, which is 1/6 to 1/2 of the weight of other winter clothing.

What is the difference between down filling weight and down content?

Down content refers to the percentage of goose down/duck down filled in this down jacket in all fillers;

The down filling weight is the actual weight grams of goose down/duck down filled, which is related to the style, size, length and other factors of the clothes.


When your consumers ask you why their new down jackets smell like wet dog and how to get smell out of down jacket without washing, the following text will help you solve these questions.

Why does my down jacket smell like wet dog?

  • The duck down inside the down jacket is not subject to high-temperature disinfection and sterilization, and all duck down without high-temperature treatment will have a bad smell.
  • After the duck down is treated, it is not exposed to the sun before being filled into the clothes, which leads to the residual water in the duck down. After a period of fermentation, it will have a bad smell. This problem is entirely a manufacturing defect, because the manufacturer did not complete the production process. But you can fully trust the production quality of Sky Swallow. We have an experienced quality inspection team to ensure that every order product can meet the shipping standard.

How to stop down jacket from smelling?

This is not a difficult thing. Don't worry. You only need a hair dryer and a bag, and you can solve this problem perfectly in two steps for stop down jacket from smelling.

  • Fold the down jacket and put it in the bag;
  • Insert the hair dryer into the bag mouth, blow with low-grade hot air, and use the hot air to remove the wet dog smell of duck down until it disappears.