Why do you need overseas clothing manufacturers?

When your retail private label clothing is developing in America, Europe and other places, you need a suitable manufacturer to help you solve the front-end production supply chain. Of course, you will first see the local clothing manufacturers, but after understanding, you will find that the production costs here are higher than expected. For example:

Italy is a famous place of production in the garment manufacturing industry, and its powerful transportation network can always help the manufactured products to be quickly transported to any place in the world. However, it is precisely because of the high skills of workers that Italy's labor costs are usually higher than those of other countries.

Portugal is located on the edge of Europe. With its superior geographical location and excellent infrastructure, its products never need to worry about transportation, and its labor costs are not as high as Italy's. However, the materials they use in the production process, such as cotton and silk, are all from oversea Asia, which leads to higher material costs for clothing manufacturers here.


At this time, in order to save costs, you must turn to overseas and even Asian manufacturers. Asia is the production place of most garment raw materials, and has the largest labor force. There is no more favorable material and labor than here.

Clothing manufacturers in Vietnam, India and Bangladesh have experienced rapid growth in the past two years, and their garment export rates have also grown rapidly. The advantages of huge labor force and the shortcomings of imperfect infrastructure may make you hesitate. The clothing manufacturers overseas here can help you produce clothes quickly, but the final transportation time will be long. In addition, 70% - 80% of Indian garment manufacturers often delay paying workers, which may also be a social phenomenon that should be considered by your brand.


When you look around want to find overseas garment manufacturers with good quality, low manufacturing cost and convenient transportation, Chinese manufacturers will be your best choice! And our Sky Swallow would like to help you!

China has always been a major manufacturer and exporter of clothing. It has the largest labor force and excellent infrastructure. The cost and shipping speed are things that Chinese manufacturers can guarantee to you. In addition, China has strong government support and technical support, not only for simple clothing manufacturing such as T-shirts and hoodies, but also for high-end outdoor and tactical clothing manufacturing.



How do you find clothing manufacturers overseas?

Trade Exhibitions

Many overseas trade exhibitions are held in different places every year. Here you will see many international garment manufacturers from different regions. They will show you professional products. You can check the product quality on site and establish relationships with them.


Google search

No matter what you need, such as looking for high-end overseas clothing manufacturers, Google will help you. You can search the manufacturer's website to see their introduction and products. If you have any idea, you can contact the international manufacturer directly on the website.


Social media

You can find the overseas business personnel of clothing manufacturers on social media, such as Facebook/LinkedIn/INS/Twitter, or join relevant groups to follow relevant topics. Interactive networks can always help you find highly relevant users quickly. You can contact them above for more information.