Why are China's Outdoor Clothing so Popular?

China's "Outdoor Era" is Coming

In recent years, we can find that more and more people around us begin to participate in hiking, mountaineering and other activities. Marathon, skiing and surfing have also caused a craze. In retrospect, these outdoor activities seem out of reach for us, and only a small number of professional people participate in each project. But unknowingly, the distance between outdoor activities has become closer and closer to us, and everyman like you and me begin to join them. Looking back on the holidays in 2021, the hot "Tent Tide" and "Camping Tide" are also the signal that China's "Outdoor Era" has arrived. What in the end prompted China to gradually step into the "Outdoor Era"? Let's explore together.

1.Consciousness Transformation

China's development of blowout is obvious to the world. Both economic and living standards have made a qualitative leap and improvement. Then, after meeting the basic needs of survival, safety and society, people gradually began to pursue a healthy and natural lifestyle. When the rapid social development forces people to be isolated from nature, and people are increasingly surrounded by the industrialized environment in their work and daily life, the instinct of animals for nature in human nature begins to return. In addition to the desire for nature and outdoor, how to maintain a healthy body and even prolong life has also become a proposition for people to continue to explore. Compared with traditional activities, outdoor activities reflect the characteristics of comprehensiveness, diversity and flexibility. It has obvious advantages in improving the overall ability of participants and stimulating participants' interest in participation.

2.Government Support

In recent years, the State General Administration of sports has continuously issued relevant documents to actively promote the development of sports. The purpose is to encourage social groups to participate in and activate China's sports market. Since then, with the support of the government, various outdoor activities have sprung up all over the country. In addition, the government began to vigorously promote the development of sports tourism industry and promote the integration of sports and tourism. For example, in April 2020, Zhejiang provincial government issued the implementation opinions of the general office of Zhejiang Provincial People's Government on promoting national fitness and sports consumption and promoting the high-quality development of sports industry, encouraging tourist resorts to develop outdoor sports industry, and developing sports tourism products such as hiking, cycling, mountain climbing and skiing according to local conditions, which also widened the development platform for outdoor activities. The upcoming winter Olympics this year will also push outdoor activities to the market again.

3. Environmental Impact

After outdoor sports become closer and closer to daily life, outdoor clothing also began to integrate with daily clothing. The concepts of "urban outdoor", "women's sports" and "product intelligence" have begun to be reflected in the outdoor market. Outdoor activities also approach everyone's life with outdoor clothes. Moreover, COVID-19 and public figures, new media have all affected the development of outdoor activities. After the outbreak of COVID-19, consumers began to pay more attention to quality of life and health consciousness.


China's "Outdoor Market" Broke out

At the same time, with people's attention and participation in outdoor activities, outdoor clothing has gradually become a new consumption hotspot. In the 10 years from 2000 to 2010, the total amount of outdoor products industry has also continuously achieved a high growth of nearly 50%. According to relevant statistics, the global revenue of outdoor products reached US $159.954 billion in 2020, an increase of US $35.310 billion over 2019, a year-on-year increase of 28.3%. It is expected that the global revenue of outdoor products will reach US $181.235 billion in 2021 and will continue to grow in the future.

1.The Chinese Market Has a Foundation

The scale of China's garment manufacturing industry is very huge. Although the growth rate of some developing countries is faster than that of China in recent years, their land and population scale are limited, so their production potential is limited and it is difficult to replace China's production capacity in large quantities. Even if the total capacity of a large number of developing countries is comparable to that of China, it is bound to increase the difficulty of supply chain management of brands, especially big brands. Moreover, China's garment manufacturing industry chain is complete and shows obvious industrial cluster advantages, which can help brands simplify the difficulty of supply chain management and shorten the response cycle. With the improvement of comprehensive ability, China's technical level has also been continuously improved. In order to adapt to the market rhythm, a large number of high-end garment product manufacturers have begun to emerge.

2. The Chinese Market Has Opportunities

There is no doubt that domestic people's demand for outdoor products is expanding rapidly. However, professional high-end outdoor brands are very scarce in China. According to the survey data, as of 2017, there were only 36 brands with domestic shipments of more than 50 million, and the market share of the top ten brands was less than 60%. Most brands are still taking the low-end route, and there are few high-quality professional brands that can lead the market. Therefore, it is the best time for professional brands to enter the Chinese market, layout advantageous resources and cultivate consumers. This is also the main reason why many well-known brands have poured into the Chinese market.