What is the elastane fabric?

Elastane fabric is a synthetic material created by DuPont, which is famous for its elastic  characteristics. So if you ask does elastane stretch, the answer is yes. At the development stage, the elastic fabric was given the working name of "Spandex", and was also named "Lycra" when the fabric was promoted to the market and the trademark was registered. Therefore, the "Elastane", "Spandex" and "Lycra" on the market are all the same material. Elastane fabric is composed of a long chain called polyurethane, also known as polyurethane fiber. Its polymer structure is easy to deform, which makes the fiber easy to be stretched, thus directly determining the characteristics of high resilience and strength of elastic fabric.

Advantages of elastane fabric

1. Elasticity of elastane fiber can be extended to 400%~800%, which is higher than that of nylon fiber, and the resilience can reach 95%+.

2. Large elongation, good shape retention and no wrinkle.

3. It is soft, smooth, elastic and comfortable to wear.

4. Acid resistance, alkali resistance, abrasion resistance and aging resistance.

5. Good dyeing property, not easy to fade.


Disadvantages of elastane fabric

1. Poor moisture absorption.

2. Poor heat resistance.

3. Based on the above two points, elastane fabric fibers are usually bonded with other fabrics rather than used alone.


The difference between elastane fabric and rubber fabric

Rubber fabric: Although the elasticity of rubber fabric is large, the rebound process is relatively slow, and the resistance of rubber is low. If you want to improve the elasticity, you need to thicken the monofilament, which is particularly unsuitable for thin fabrics.

Spandex fiber: the rebound process of elastane fabric is relatively fast and the resistance is high, which is more suitable for thin fabrics.


Application of elastic fabric in outdoor clothing

Outdoor clothing and Moto Clothing made of fabrics with spandex fabric can have strong elasticity, wrapping and comfort. With the development of some fields and the improvement of consumers' requirements for clothing, elastane fabrics are increasingly used in the clothing field.

For example, the outdoor soft shell jacket has a better wearing experience than the hard shell jacket. Because most soft shell fabrics contain spandex fabric. It is better to keep relaxed in outdoor activities such as hiking and mountain climbing, which is also why soft shell jackets are increasingly popular among consumers in recent years.

Some motorcycle jackets also have requirements for elasticity, because during the riding process, riders keep a stooping posture for a long time. Motorcycle jackets need to have some flexibility to make riders more comfortable.

In addition, elastane fabrics are also used in many sports equipment, such as  bicycle shorts, yoga clothing, swimwear, sports underwear, etc. In addition to meeting the clothing function as a shell fabric, it is also often used for partial decoration patch to increase the beauty and brand of clothing.

Of course, the value of spandex fabric also determines that its price is higher than other common fabrics. The actual price still depends on the fluctuation of the market. If you want to purchase a batch of outdoor clothing made of elastic fabric, please contact us.


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