What is embroidery?

Embroidery, printing and jacquard are common production accessories in garment manufacturing. Many garment accessories such as fabric and ribbon will use embroidery, printing and jacquard to decorate and distinguish. Adding embroidery to clothing products can make the products more beautiful and unique on the one hand, and strengthen the brand effect on the other hand. The printing and embroidery used in outdoor tactics and motorcycle clothing are mainly brand names, brand logos and some patterns expressing brand attitudes. These shining points on clothing can make consumers feel and understand the spirit that the brand wants to convey more directly.

What is the difference between embroidery, printing and jacquard? What types of embroidery are there? Let's share it with you.


What is the difference between printing and embroidery

Embroidery is a pattern embroidered by machine or man on a woven cloth. Generally, machine embroidery will be selected in large-scale garment production, such as China's garment production plants. Manual embroidery will be used in small quantities of high-end products, such as customized Chinese cheongsam, etc. Compared with the printed jacket, the clothes with embroidery will not fade when washed, and the air permeability and moisture absorption will be better.

Printing refers to a pattern printed on a woven fabric by local dyeing with dyes. There are active printing and general printing. In clothing production, we also use heat transfer printing. This kind of printing paper is directly placed on the fabric, and the pattern can be easily transferred to the fabric by using an electric iron or ironing machine. It is widely used in outdoor tactical clothing.

Jacquard is quite different from embroidery and printing. Both embroidery and printing are processed on the woven fabric. Jacquard uses different colored yarns to form a convex and concave pattern when weaving. Therefore, jacquard fabric has better breathability, but also higher cost.

Common embroidery types:

Tatami embroidery

Tatami embroidery is a kind of embroidery derived from flat embroidery. Tatami embroidery is characterized by large embroidery area and bright color details.

Needled embroidery

Needle-backed embroidery generally has a good three-dimensional sense of lines.

Sequin embroidery

The beads with the same shape and size are designated to be connected into a rope material, and then embroidery is carried out on the flat embroidery machine with sequin embroidery device.

Towel embroidery

Towel embroidery is embroidery with towel suede effect on the embroidered surface. According to different product requirements, the embroidery methods of towel embroidery (terry embroidery) are different.

In the production of outdoor tactical clothing, we often use needle embroidery. The embroidery thread has different thickness, such as 75D and 120D. You can choose thick thread embroidery or thin thread embroidery according to the embroidery effect you want to present.

Why do we always give top priority to needle embroidery?

Sky Swallow is a professional manufacturer of outdoor tactical clothing and motorcycle clothing. We provide manufacturing assistance for major outdoor and racing clothing brands. Outdoor clothing and racing clothes are functional clothing. Therefore, between function and fashion appearance, brands always give priority to function. Therefore, in clothing design, the requirements for printing and embroidery are not complicated. Usually, they may only need to display the brand beautifully, or have some reflective and breathable functions.