What is cut and sew?

A new consumption boom is coming!

Does your private label clothing begin to actively prepare for the new season in 2023?

When the design is almost finished, you must need a reliable clothing manufacturer to help you realize all your ideas!


Cut and sewn are very important production links, and also the first step of the birth of a garment. When you have a complete product plan and all product specifications, you can give these files to your cut and sew clothing manufacturers. We will help you prepare all the required components, and produce a series of samples for you through cutting and sewing until the bulk production.

Therefore, understanding what is cut and sew can also help you better evaluate the manufacturing level of your clothing manufacturers, so as to select a more appropriate cutting and sewing factory and complete the evolution from design to ready to wear.

What does cut and sew mean? How to cooperate with cut and sew suppliers?

Cut and sew is the manufacturing process of customized clothing in the clothing industry. A whole piece of any type of fabric is first put on the cutting table and cut into a piece of clothing or pieces of shape by the cutting machine, and then it is sewn and assembled.

As a brand dealer and retailer, the process of your cooperation with the cutting and sewing factories will begin with sending them technical packages or providing sewing samples. You also need to confirm all fabrics and any decorations you wish to add to the garment. Then, you will get a sample in which you can adjust as needed until production is allowed.

Advantages of cooperation with cutting and sewing manufacturers like Sky Swallow:

Your design will not be constrained! Your brand uniqueness will be protected! The production mode of cut and sew provides a stage for all independent innovation. Customized clothing with your brand will enter the clothing market 100% according to your idea.

  • All garment sizes are allowed
  • All printing patterns are allowed
  • All clothing quality is guaranteed

Sky Swallow will help you expand your own brand members with our more than 20 years of manufacturing experience and a variety of manufacturing equipment. With the support of Sky Swallow, you can be relaxed to enrich your product range. Your private label clothing will freely cover Outdoor Clothing, Tactical Clothing, Motorcycle Clothing, Urban Clothing and other fields to meet the needs of outdoor hiking, motorcycle riding, urban running and so on.

Sky Swallow Common Cutting and Sewing Machines:

Automatic thread cutting three needle five thread tension sewing machine
Automatic thread cutting four needle six thread tension sewing machine
Automatic spreading machine
Cloth checking and loosening machine
Portable scissors
Automatic cutting machine
Belt cutting machine