What is a tech pack?

If you cooperate with a FPP (Full Package Production) factory, they will be responsible for all design and production work, including the production of technical pack; But if you are developing your private label clothing and looking for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) factories like Sky Swallow, the tech pack is necessary!

What is a clothing tech pack? Clothing technical package, also a complete design draft, is a set of documents created by designers for products, which is used to explain their designs to manufacturers, so that clothing manufacturers can produce finished clothes consistent with designers' ideas through this information.


Why are technical pack important to designers and manufacturers?

In essence, tech pack is a communication between designers and manufacturers.

For designers, they should select and decide on the clothing product overview and all the specifications needed for production, and provide them to manufacturers in a tech pack. This behavior helps the manufacturer to better understand your idea without asking any questions, and ultimately make your entire work perfectly based on your idea and creativity.


For manufacturers, detailed clothing tech pack can help us directly produce correct samples for customer confirmation. This can reduce the time cost of many exchanges and speed up the whole process. If there is no such tech pack, only simple drawings or photos full of ideas. The manufacturer is unable to know some specific contents about the product (such as internal materials and structure, pocket design, button size, zipper shape, etc.), so it has to make some guesses about the product, which may be different from the original intention of the designer, so it is impossible to make ideal products.


In addition, a good tech pack will take effect in the whole cooperation. If both parties have any differences and problems in details during the production cooperation, they can open this tech pack for reference and discussion.

In any case, the perfect tech pack creates perfect cooperation and products.


How to make technology packs? What ingredients should be included in a complete clothing technology pack?

Page 1: Product Overview

It shall include brand name, designer name, product name, code, description, product type, color, gender, creation date, season and product appearance in technical packs.


Page 2: Technical Drawings

It shall include the appearance sketch of the product from all angles (front, back, side and interior). Please note that the drawing should include all components (pockets, zippers, velcro, buttons, printing, embroidery, armbands, etc.), which is very helpful to manufacturers, especially when there is no samples to refer to.


Page 3: Color Book

It shall include the colors available for the clothing determined after discussion. At the same time, the color book will show the appearance of these colors when they are combined or combined with other fabrics or materials. You may want to offer several different options here for your manufacturer to choose from.


Page 4: Size Chart

The dimensions and tolerances of all parts of all sizes shall be included in technical packs.


Page 5: Bill of Materials (BOM)

All fabrics and accessories shall be included in technical packs, such as the size, color, material, quantity, position, etc. of zippers and buttons. This document will not only be used for proofing production, but also for cost accounting.


Page 6: Supplementary drawings

The drawings of all printing, embroidery, logo and hangtag shall be included in technical packs, indicating the content, size, position, color and color code.


Page 7: Comments and Feedback

The product development team can collate and update all changes that the manufacturer wants to make here to add comments and feedback.