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For outdoor travelers, wholesale waterproof jackets are one of the most important items in your wardrobe in bad weather to help you stay warm and dry in wet conditions.

Do you want wholesale waterproof clothing to help you laugh during trip?

Do you want wholesale waterproof clothing to help you be fearless in the downpour?

The wholesale waterproof jackets are designed to meet the needs of travelers who train and compete in all weather conditions. Custom jackets are carefully positioned to provide protection where you need it most. Sky Swallow is a one-stop waterproof jacket supplier. We provide you with unlimited development possibilities and help you customize your brand clothing within your budget. We design and manufacture wholesale waterproof jackets of different styles and sizes according to your requirements.

Sky Swallow hopes to be your first waterproof jacket supplier help you create new brilliance and bring more novel and top products to the market.

What are wholesale waterproof jackets?

Wholesale waterproof clothing requires to be waterproof, windproof, comfortable, and moisture permeable to ensure that people can keep their bodies dry, warm, and able to move freely in complex and harsh outdoor environments.

Fabrics classification of wholesale waterproof jackets:


According to different functions

It can be divided into two. (1) DWR jacket: the water droplets will not easily penetrate into the coated fabric surface, forming water droplets on the fabric surface. (2) Waterproof jacket: it generally refers to making a rubber base on the bottom of the fabric. It is divided into two types: coating and lamination. Most waterproof fabrics are laminated. This is the real waterproof.

According to different processing technologies

Waterproof coating

Coat the surface of fabric and the pores on the surface are closed to prevent water.

Waterproof film

PU/TPU film and other materials are bonded to form a composite fabric. Under the protection of the waterproof film, keep the inner layer dry.

Differences of wholesale waterproof jackets between waterproof fabric and DWR

Please note that wholesale waterproof clothing is different due to different fabrics and processing. Although any fabric can prevent water from entering, the effect varies greatly. So if you're buying wholesale waterproof jackets or waterproof jacket supplier, please pay attention to this.


For example, DWR coating is on the surface of the jacket, which can effectively prevent drizzle and keep you warm in the process. But wholesale waterproof jackets with DWR coating will not be completely isolated from rain. Although it is not suitable for rainstorm weather, it works well in the environment of light snow or light rain in winter. The jacket with waterproof film has different waterproof functions. It can not only completely isolate the wind and rain, but also help you keep dry.

Different waterproof durability

The waterproof durability of waterproof fabric is longer, and the physical and chemical properties are more stable: while the waterproof durability of DWR fabric is shorter than waterproof fabric, and the physical and chemical properties are not as stable as waterproof fabric.

Different water pressure resistance indexes

The water pressure resistance index of waterproof fabric of wholesale waterproof clothing is usually more than 3000mm, while the DWR fabric is less than 3000mm.

Failure due to washing

Waterproof fabrics of wholesale waterproof jackets usually do not fail due to washing and long-term use, while DWR fabrics will gradually weaken or even fail with washing and long-term use.

The specific functions applied to wholesale waterproof clothing are different

Waterproof treatment is a completely impermeable barrier, which keeps water out whether the fabric absorbs water or not. The main function of DWR treatment is to reduce the adsorption of water by the fabric, so that the water can be "pulled away" on the surface of the fabric.

Features of SKY SWALLOW wholesale waterproof clothing

Factory introduction

We have had three long-term cooperative factories for outdoor clothing and Motorcycle shirts since 2001.

250 people 10 lines

MOQ: 300pcs per style

Located in Zhejiang Province, Jiangsu Province, Anhui Province

Sample lead time: 7days after full material is ready.

Bulk production lead time: 45-60 days after full materials are ready

Certificate: BSCI/OEKO-TEX/SGS

Good waterproof jacket supplier accepts custom products

The fabric composition determines the appearance, function and feel of the wholesale waterproof jackets. According to your needs, Sky Swallow will provide polyester, nylon, spandex and other fabrics as well as fleece bonded by PU / TPU film, also can with the DWR.


Common fabrics are:

Nylon Taslon laminated tricot, Teflon DWR

Nylon coated PU

Nylon ribstop Taslon laminated PU film, Primaloft padding