Top 5 Outdoor Clothing Manufacturers in Vietnam 2022

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Top 5 Clothing Manufacturers in Vietnam

Are you looking for some clothing manufacturers in Vietnam? Do you want to know how to find a clothing manufacturer in Vietnam? 

Here, we make a list to show you the top 5 clothing manufacturers in Vietnam for your reference.

1. LTP Garment Vietnam

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Company Profile: LTP is a global manufacturer specializing in sports and outdoor life and producing high-end clothing. Although its headquartered is in Copenhagen, Denmark, as a global enterprise, LTP has wholly-owned factories all over Asia and Europe, including Vietnam. Adhering to the concept of sustainable development and ethical production, LTP has developed a professional fabric team - constantly developing high-quality and sustainable fabrics, an experienced design team - continuously developing new styles, providing reference for customers, and a cutting-edge technical team - to create the highest quality products through the first advanced devices. The innovation center factory in Vietnam, with an area of 14000 square meters and 620 workers, is the largest factory of LTP. Efficiency, innovation and professionalism are its biggest characteristics. 

Address: 286 Phan Van Hon, Tan Thoi Nhat ward, Distr. 12, Vietnam 70.000 Ho Chi Minh City

2. Gold Garment

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Company Profile: Gold Garment is a garment manufacturer from Vietnam. Their main products are outdoor clothing, uniforms and work clothes. With 15 years of industry experience, they have formed a stable production line. From design to flour accessories procurement to the final garment manufacturing, they will be completed by Gold Garment's own young and experienced team. Starting at 2019, they produce 50 tons of texture month to month locally for their inward need and cut and sew about 250,000pcs of weaved articles of clothing.

Address: 1 Floor, 32 Pho Quang Street, W.2, Tan Binh Dist., Ho Chi Minh City, VietNam

3. Yoke Apparel Manufacturing

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Company Profile: Yoke Apparel Manufacturing is a manufacturer that can provide comprehensive services for various clothing brands and enterprises. In addition to high-quality products and mature teams, Yoke Apparel Manufacturing also takes the sense of social responsibility as the primary principle of enterprise operation. Vietnam has been oppressed by the war for a long time. There are many displaced women. They can't be protected by the government or their families. The pressure of life makes them breathless. York provides these people who are experiencing a difficult life with job opportunities to help them have the ability to survive alone in society. “Life’s not all about selfish ambitions. If we can lend a helping hand along the way to those who most need it, we can create a brighter future for all.” It has always been the idea that yoke pursues.

Address: 103 Yen The, Phuong Hoa An, Quan Cam Le, Da Nang 550000 Vietnam

4. Saigo Sport

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Company Profile: Saigo Sport is a manufacturer of high-quality sportswear for customers in many countries. They cooperate with a factory with a complete production chain to provide consumers with products that meet their standards and requirements. With stable production capacity, Saigo Sport produces about 50000 sportswear per month according to orders. It is its mission to improve the competitiveness of products for customers through high-quality products and preferential prices. It is also its goal to do better every day. 

Address: 45 Street No. 3, Truong Tho, Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh

5. H.A Fashion Manufacturer

Company Profile: H. A Fashion Manufacturer has been active in the market as a trading company since 2007, and entered the garment industry in 2019 to become a manufacturer focusing on fashion women's clothing. Although they have not officially become garment manufacturers for a long time, they have rich experience in this industry. In the new development, they established a cooperative relationship with HAGACO, created 25 production lines and trained more than 500 employees, which undoubtedly fully improved its production capacity and helped H.A serve more customers. In order to adapt to the trend of the times, they are also very active in the exploration of eco-friendly raw materials. 

Address: Room 903, Building N02, 25 Lac Trung Street, Vinh Tuy Ward, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi, Vietnam