Top 5 Outdoor Clothing Manufacturers in South Africa 2022

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Top 5 Clothing Manufacturers in SouthAfrica

Are you looking for some clothing manufacturers in South Africa? Do you want to know how to find a clothing manufacturer in South Africa? 

South Africa is one of the most developed countries in Africa. However, due to its late start of textile industry and high labor cost, South African domestic garment enterprises mainly produce a small number of high-end products such as outdoor clothing. But since the development of relations between China and South Africa in 2000, the Chinese government has set up an investment and Trade Center in South Africa to provide services, which has enhanced the competitiveness of South Africa.

Here we make a list to show you the top 5 outdoor clothing manufacturers in South Africa for your reference.

1. Vaultex

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Company Profile: Vaultex is a safety clothing manufacturing supplier in South Africa founded in 2011. As one of the leading manufacturers in the industry, Vaultex consistently focuses on manufacturing and supplying safe outdoor clothes, work clothes, reflective clothes, uniforms, T-Shirts, socks, etc., and also accepts a certain number of customized clothes. Although in the stage of rapid development, Vaultex still adheres to the ethical and professional concept, respects individuals, pays attention to society and satisfies customers.

Address: West Hills Business Estate, 23 Cloud St, Sunderland Ridge, Centurion, 0149, South Africa

2. Truval

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Company Profile: Truval is a clothing manufacturer with a wide range of sales and rich product types. Three decades of development history not only makes Truval become a strong and excellent organization, but also makes it be an irreplaceable leading position in the garment industry in South Africa. Daniel Steiner's excellent leadership is indispensable for such a “beautiful” achievement. With Daniel Steiner's entrepreneurial talent and strong leadership, as well as the joint support of experienced and enthusiastic design team, management team and operation team, Truval has gradually become a garment supplier with reliable quality and strong innovation ability.

Its main product types are rich, including coats, underwear, pajamas, shoes and socks, accessories and other products that can be applied to different scenes such as outdoor and daily life.

Address: 16 Bosman Rd, Ophirton, Johannesburg, 2091, South Africa

3. Lorenzini Clothing

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Company Profile: Lorenzini is a South African garment manufacturer specializing in men's shirts, with a history of more than 50 years. Rich manufacturing experience helps Lorenzini always have innovative and unique highlights in fashion design and extraordinary standards in detail. Its four classic Shirts: Lorenzini Shirts, Aero Shirts, Cable Shirts and Oakman Shirts ensure comfortable wearing, fashionable design and distinctive style, which fully reflects Lorenzini's elegant technology and passionate design. 

Address: 11, 17 Felix Dlamini Rd, Mayville, Durban, 4091, South Africa

4. Corporate WorX

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Company Profile: Founded in 2006, Corporate WorX is headquartered in the Val triangle in South Africa. Providing customers with high-quality customized clothing through high-quality service is the mission that Corporate WorX has always adhered to. With such efforts, it has an irreplaceable position in the customized clothing market in South Africa with excellent quality, efficiency and competitive price. If you are looking for a custom garment manufacturer in South Africa, Corporate WorX will be a good choice for you. 

Address: Gouwsblom Rd, Valley Settlements, Randvaal, South Africa

5. Addictive Clothing

Company Profile: Additive clothing is a South African custom clothing manufacturer. No matter what you think, it can help you realize it. From fabric procurement to processing and manufacturing, Additive Clothing always shows their strong vitality. It provides a variety of clothing and accessories suitable for any event, occasion and brand to help customers create the products they want. In the whole process, experienced design team and production team will give you reliable suggestions. In addition to clothing, mask customization is also its hot business.

Address: No.19 Grosvenor, Port Shepstone, 4140, South Africa