Top 5 Best Clothing Manufacturers in India 2022

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Top 5 Clothing Manufacturers in India

Are you looking for some clothing manufacturers in India? Do you want to know how to find a clothing manufacturer in India? 

Analysisof Indian Garment Industry

According to the survey of China report hall, in 2017, India's garment exports ranked 5 in the world, accounting for 5% and 42% of the total textile and garment exports. As the third largest cotton producer in the world, India has strong raw material support and inherent development advantages in the textile industry. Secondly, the garment industry is a labor-intensive industry. India has a lot of cheap labor, which is highly consistent with the human demand of the garment industry. Therefore, India can make rapid progress in the development of garment industry. At the same time, with the support and help of international forces, the tax rate of garment machinery products has been reduced. India has changed the backward state of outdated and highly decentralized equipment and began to develop towards modernization and capitalization. India's garment processing industry continues to burst out huge export potential.

1. NG Apparels

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Country: India

Company Profile: 
NG Apparels is a clothing manufacturer with 81 years of history and more than 32 years of industry experience, and supports the provision of customized services for major brands all over the world. They give full play to the advantages of raw material countries and can provide different fabric services for different customers, such as silk, rayon, modal, fleece, cotton, polyester, spandex and other fabrics. They can produce different products according to customer types and their main types. At the same time, NG Apparels has an independent factory with more than 60 employees, which can achieve the output of 3K + products and 3 + tons of fabrics.

Address: DuhaAddress: 270 Industrial Area-A, Ludhiana 141003, INDIA


2.Vogue Sourcing

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Country: India

Company Profile: 
Focusing on the health and happiness of customers, Vogue Sourcing specializes in the production and export of various styles of baby clothing, children's clothing, women's clothing and men's clothing, and also accepts customized clothing. Not only supported and recognized by the Indian government, they have also received certification from many institutions, such as BSCI, wrap, SEDEX, SA 8000, ISO 9001, oekotex, etc., so you can fully trust the quality and technology of Vogue Sourcing.

Address: 2/31, Nethaji Street East, Kumaranthapuram, Tiruppur - 641602, Tamilnadu, India



bluewater tactical clothing manufacturer
Country: India

Company Profile:  
Wings2fashion is a garment manufacturer mainly manufacturing women's clothing. With many years of experience, wings2fashion has gained a high reputation in the local garment industry. In addition to the layers of checks in the production process, they also attach great importance to the quality inspection of products. Wings2fashion has a professional testing team to conduct systematic inspection and testing at each stage of production to ensure that the product quality meets the requirements. At the same time, Wings2fashion has complete equipment and accepts customers' customization requirements. Therefore, if you want high-quality clothing products, whether men's or women's clothing, it can help you.

Address: SCO 9, Dayal Bagh Shopping Complex Markit, Faridabad - 121009, Haryana, India


4.Pradhan Mercantile Pvt Ltd

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Country: India

Company Profile: 
PMPL is a large garment manufacturer. They have modern manufacturing machines, standardized manufacturing processes and efficient manufacturing capabilities. The purpose of PMPL is to understand and meet the unique needs of customers through 2 factories and 500 machines. The huge production capacity of 2 million pieces per year makes PMPL the partner of many garment retailers. In addition to the prominence of hardware, they have also made continuous exploration and progress in management system and employee training. They have not only established a young and healthy management team, but also continuously strengthened the training of employees on products, processes and services, so as to continuously improve the competitiveness of the whole company in all aspects.

Address: 402 HTC Aspire, 19, Ali Askar Road, Bangalore - 560 052, India

5.Eastman Exports Global Clothing Private Limited

Country: Switzerland

Company Profile: 
Eastman Exports is a garment manufacturer combining design and production capacity, mainly producing all kinds of knitted garments. "Transform fabrics into fashion products", Eastman Exports has been practicing this concept with its own professional experience and knowledge and creating higher value. He specializes in serving high-end fashion brands and boutiques, producing a wide range of products, and his business covers Europe, the United States, Canada, Mexico and so on. At the same time, Eastman Exports also focuses on the research of new fabrics and washing, so as to provide support for creating better products.