Team Construction - Dare to Struggle and Challenge

Team building always provides a good communication platform to enhance the communication, exchange and cooperation between department employees, strengthen the cohesion of the company, improve work efficiency and employee enthusiasm. On November 24, 2021, Sky Swallow team went to Chishui, Danshan, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province for team construction. In this process, the Sky Swallow team perfectly demonstrated the Sky Swallow spirit of fearing difficulties and dangers, daring to challenge, unity and cooperation. In the colorful activities, the relationship between Sky Swallow team is closer.


Being good at challenges will make people stronger, wiser and resourceful. Only when people have the faith and ability to challenge themselves can they make themselves more involved in their work, so as to improve their performance. For a series of expansion projects such as "single wooden bridge", "steel wire walking" and "floating pile bridge", each member relies on the only safety rope left on him, with balance, persistence, caution and rhythm. Everyone's body and mentality are facing challenges. Finally, most members successfully completed the project, accepted and overcome the challenges. The happiness and sense of achievement of success spread in my heart after the end.


"If a horse doesn't have another horse to catch up with and surpass it, it will never gallop. Horses need challenges, and people need challenges more!" Competition will stimulate people's motivation and motivation, so it is also very necessary to create some competitive atmosphere in the team. The team is divided into two groups and becomes opponents. "Running caterpillar", all team members should sit on the caterpillar doll. After the start, we need a consistent pace and step frequency to work together to make the caterpillar "run". After the introduction of the rules, both groups discussed and formed a scheme. As the whistle sounded, the two groups shouted the rhythm together and moved forward with the rhythm. The first round was very anxious. At the end, everyone jumped and the two groups reached the end almost at the same time. In the second round, a group fell down accidentally in the middle because of the inconsistent step size, and the "Caterpillar" was interrupted.

This small competition quickly stimulated everyone's desire for victory. Everyone enjoyed fighting and joy in this game. The victorious teams share the fruits of victory, and the defeated teams comfort each other. Virtually, everyone's relationship seems to go further.


Cooperation is a bridge. Let's go hand in hand and cross the long river; Cooperation is a flag, constantly inspiring; Cooperation is a trumpet, blowing the horn of progress. "Build a high tower", the team members form a circle one by one. They should hook the building blocks through the control of all the ropes and build a high tower one by one. Because the team members stand in a circle, and the rope drives the forces from all directions, how to control the action of the hook through everyone's coordination and build the building blocks stably through the power of team cooperation. Finally, although there was speed, both groups worked together to complete the "tower".

In Summary

One day's coexistence makes Sky Swallow team grow together in challenge, competition and cooperation. In the process, teams encourage each other, help each other, learn from each other's strengths to make up for their weaknesses, and everyone has gained, improved, found and made progress.

Sky Swallow team will certainly show a better team style in the future! Now, 2022 comes! Facing the new start, Sky Swallow team will maintain the positive working attitude. Keep striving to explore new markets on the basis of doing a good job in the existing market, and show all our friends our infinite possibilities.

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