Talk about Men's Softshell Fleece Jacket

Outdoor activities in autumn and winter often bring travelers a large amount of exercise and sweating. At this time, if they do not choose appropriate clothes, travelers will not be fully protected from the harm of nature and climate. Soft shell jacket is the best choice at this time.

What is a Softshell Jacket?

Common Softshell Jackets are generally divided into two types: 2-in-1 Jacket and 3-in-1 Jacket. Between these two, 3-in-1 Jackets are more common and popular. Just like its name, the fabric of this kind of jacket is bonded by three materials. 
The outer layer is generally made of materials Nylon/Polyester with good Durable water repellent (water droplets can slide down from the fabric). Some will add spandex to make the fabric have some elasticity. 

Middle layer is TPU film or PU film. This layer of material determines the waterproof and breathability of this jacket (Waterproof can reach more than 10000MM and breathability can reach 3000MM-8000MM). 

Waterproof Test

The inner layer could be fleece like micro fleece, grid fleece), tricot, mesh. This layer can play a certain role in keeping warm. 

Based on the above materials and their performance, the Softshell Jacket can help travelers freely participate in spring summer communication and autumn winter communication travel, such as mountaineering, cycling, field skiing,cross-country skiing, hiking, etc.

Advantages of Softshell Jacket

Waterproof / Windproof

Most soft shell jackets are waterproof to help travelers stay dry in mild to moderate humidity. During the rain, the rain will slide directly from the outermost waterproof (DWR) coating of the jacket and will not soak into the interior of the jacket. At the same time, the smooth fabric on the surface of the soft shell jacket will also block part of the wind.


Because the fabric contains TPU film or PU film, the jacket can show excellent breathability. This can help travelers get rid of water vapor and keep dry at any time even if they sweat during strenuous activities.


The flexibility of the soft shell jacket can help travelers move quickly and easily in outdoor sports. Unlike bulky and hard fabrics, spandex soft shell jackets will be welcomed and loved by outdoor travelers.

Keep  warm

The warmth preservation degree of soft shell jacket depends on the thickness of the jacket. Many soft shell jackets will choose to bonded fleece, so that the jacket has the character of the warmth, softness, windproof and rain resistance at the same time.

Recommened Styles

Hooded Spandex Softshell Jacket

This Spandex Softshell Jacket adds a stiff placket designed to not only realize the function of wind and rain protection, but also ensure the smooth operation of the zipper. Flaps outside of the zipper of the pocket to provide a thorough dry environment for the wearer. The patch on the shoulder can not only stick different armbands, but also reserve space for pens. The Spandex Softshell Jacket has been carefully designed and engineered to ensure the wearer feels comfortable with the detailed treatment of the interior of the jacket, such as overlocking stitch, neck piping and another patch at the hem. The nylon spandex fabric is different from polyester spandex fabric on the market, which well ensures the fastness and shrinkage of the jacket. Whether you are participating in professional outdoor projects or meeting the travel needs of daily bad weather - the SGSJ is a true all round stunner.

Men's Softshell Fleece Jacket

Simple in design, but has good wrapping. This Softshell Fleece Jacket can not only keep the body shape, but also keep warm. The collar can be customized. You can choose the style with hood, or use a stand collar instead of the hood. Patches on sleeves and shoulder are a feature of this jacket. The shoulder patches of softshell bonded fleece can be used for military activities to provide a suitable place for the armband; The enforced sleeve patches of soft bonded mesh prevents friction and provides soft protection for the arm. The cuffs are also made of soft bonded mesh, which can make the cuffs more shaped. Simple but without lack of details, this Softshell Fleece Jacket will make you enjoy your travel more.

Cleaning Tips

The fabric of soft shell jacket is functional fabric. This fabric is often composite and fit. Generally, there are two or three layers of fit. No matter how many layers fit, too strong tearing or the strong water pressure of the washing machine may lead to the separation of the base cloth and irreversible damage to the fabric. Therefore, appropriate cleaning methods must be adopted to protect the soft shell jacket well.

  1. The soft shell jacket does not need to be cleaned frequently
  2. The soft shell jacket has certain water resistance. If there is some small dirt, just wipe it with a towel with soapy water
  3. The dirty parts can be soaked in neutral detergent for about 30 minutes, and then wiped with a sponge
  4. The cleaned soft shell jacket does not need to be wrung dry, but can be dried directly with a clothes hanger