Sourcing fabric for your clothing line

As a freelance designer or global sourcing manager of your brand, when you begin to prepare for the development of new season projects for your private clothing brand, you need to imagine the clothing first:

Is it for men or women?

Which type does it belong to? Which situations are applicable?

What is its appearance?

What are its functions and features?


After gradually clarifying these problems, you will be more clear about what you need to do when you start the clothing creation. The right high-quality raw materials for clothing business will lay a good foundation and help your products show double effects. Among them, the selection and source of fabrics is the first step. Especially when you have been working as a designer, sourcing fabrics is strange to you. It is undoubtedly difficult for inexperienced people to do this. You may not even know where to start. Don't worry, as long as you find the supplier who sells the fabric you need, your development will get professional and rapid help.


As long as you tell your fabric sourcer about your demand for fabrics and your ideas for newly developed clothing, they will quickly screen the available fabrics for you. You will save a lot of time and energy in the whole development process. Once you have new ideas and needs, you can also communicate with the fabric sourcer in time, and finally select the final product from the raw materials for clothing business sorted out by the fabric fabric sourcer.


Some information on fabric production you need to pay attention to when sourcing

Fabric composition

Different fabrics components will determine the appearance and feel of different clothing. Some fabric components usually have common clothing types because of their own characteristics. For example, CORDURAL is generally used in outdoor and motorcycle clothing, because it is light, fast drying, soft and high tear-strength; SPANDEX is generally used for clothing with elastic demand; TC is crisp, fast drying and durable, and is often used as the fabric of tactical pants.

Fabric type

Generally, according to fabric structure, fabrics are divided into knitted fabrics and woven fabrics

Wear resistance - knitted fabric < woven fabric

Spandex - knitted fabric > woven fabric

Comfort - knitted fabric > woven fabric

Warmth - knitted fabric>woven fabric

Breathable - knitted fabric>woven fabric

Tear strength - knitted fabric>woven fabric

Anti-pilling - knitted fabric<woven fabric

Dimensional stability - knitted fabric<woven fabric

Fabric weight

The weight of fabric is an important reference standard for the weight of the whole garment. If you want to create a jacket for spring mountain climbing, you don't want it to affect the action too much; Of course, if you want a warm fleece jacket, you need to question those fabrics that are too light.

Technical treatment of fabrics

Many fabric properties such as durable water repellent, waterproof and moisture permeability can be achieved through some technical treatment on the fabric itself.

Fabric price

how much fabric for a dress? The price of the fabric includes not only the price of the fabric itself, but also some dyeing costs (but usually if your order is large, the supplier will exempt this cost for you). When you have several favorite fabrics, you need to consider whether they can meet your price target. Your brand and market positioning will determine this target. You must consider the actual situation of this batch of fabrics being put into bulk production.

Minimum order quantity of fabric

The production of fabrics always required a lot of costs, so there will be a basic minimum order quantity. If the minimum order quantity is not reached, a certain processing fee or dyeing fee will be charged.


Please keep in touch with your clothes and fabric manufacturer in the process of cooperation!

It's better to provide your favorite fabric swatches! This will help your understand your needs more clearly.


As the "mother/father" of the product, you must have a specific imagination of your "child", about its appearance and characteristics. But because you don't have much knowledge about fabrics, you don't know what kind of fabrics you are looking for. It doesn't matter. Please dare to imagine all the characteristics you want this fabric to have at the beginning.

It may need high tear-strength,

It may require 10000MM waterproof,

It may require 5000MM breathable,

It may need to be elastic,

Maybe there is grid fleece, but only on the inner layer,

Maybe you want it to have many combined functions


Please record all your ideas, no matter whether you are not sure whether they can be fully realized. Then please communicate with your suppliers in depth. They will provide you with professional suggestions and propose solutions that meet your requirements as much as possible. Of course, you may need to make some choices in this process. After all, if you require the fabric to have good waterproof, you can't require it to have good breathable at the same time.

Become your reliable clothes and fabric manufacturer!

Sky Swallow is a leading clothing manufacturer in China. In addition, we have a separate purchasing department and provide one-stop service. When we receive your invitation for development, we will be responsible for all development processes except design, including material procurement and product proofing. After we receive the design technology package provided by you. Our sourcing department will start to collect appropriate raw materials for clothing business according to your requirements, and our sales team will conduct preliminary screening according to your brand positioning, clothing nature, price target and other factors, sort out the fabrics available for your selection and send them to you. In addition, we will also help you carry out some basic waterproof, tear-strength and other tests on your fabric. These test data can also help you choose the most suitable fabric. No matter you want to know more about the raw materials for clothing business in this process, we will provide professional help and reply. With regard to the research and development of your new products, we will provide all support from procurement, production to inspection.


If you are interested in any fabric or project and want to know more, please contact us boldly, and we will find materials for you and provide free sample! If you want to know more details about fabric sourcing on clothing line, please go here view more.