Sky Swallow at Eicma 2022 Show

On November 8, 2022, the 79th Italian Two Wheel Motor Show (Eicma motorcycle show 2022) was opened in Fiera Milano Rho, the exhibition hall of the New Milan Fair. 1370 private brands from 45 countries participated, 59% of which came from outside Italy, and more than 20% of the exhibitors participated for the first time. Because of the impact of the COVID-19, the global flow of people has slowed down, so we will also worry about whether the exhibition will not be as effective as before. However, from the actual data, this year's data is comparable to that before the COVID, and even in terms of exhibition area, it has increased by 35% over last year, which again confirms the attraction of the EICMA exhibition model and the rapid recovery of the global trade economy.


From November 8 to November 13, the four-day Eicma motorcycle show 2022 exhibition included more than 70 official press conferences, product exhibitions, booth activities, social activities and business meetings, which confirmed the B2B nature and trade value of the Italian two-wheel auto show.


Eicma 2022 is not only a performance of all brands of motorcycles and bicycles and their accessories (such as clothing, protective gear, etc.), but also a bridge to help practitioners in this field understand the market. As a professional motorcycle and bicycle clothing supplier from China, Sky Swallow team attended the party fortunately.


Four days' visit made our feet injured, we walked too much! But what deserves a toast is that we have met many customers who have cooperated with us for many years and many new innovative brands, also have successfully and friendly communications with everyone. In Eicma motorcycle show 2022, we really felt the enthusiasm of consumers for motorcycles and bicycles, including match clothing. During the 4-year COVID, as a supplier in China, we made all effort to face the threatening epidemic and the consumer market that was less affected. We never give up the pursuit of professional clothing. We insist on facing customers with the best quality products, and continue to create competitive advantages that no one can match. I'm glad that Eicma 2022 is a great gathering to show us the rapidly developing market and new opportunities. We would like to accompany Eicma's growth forever!


We insist on doing and serving, not only because we need to do, but also because we love! Thanks Eicma 2022! Thanks to all the people who have paid for this sport!


Of course, if your products include motorcycle jacket, rain gear, outdoor clothing, and are interested in new suppliers from China, such as Sky Swallow, please feel free to contact us! We believe that we may provide you with the most competitive help!