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Professional High End Outdoor Clothing Manufacturer in China
Sky swallow has been involved in high end outdoor clothing fields for more than 20 years, specializing in providing wholesale, customized products, and OEM service. It is considered one of the top China comprehensive manufacturers and exporters of motorcycle rainwear and shirt, tactical jackets and pants, and technical clothing for law enforcement and the military.
We have our own processing factory, which can meet the needs of customers for different styles of outdoor clothing. Various new collections and designs are coming out each month with the current styles and fabrics. Sky swallow serves many well-known brands around the world, working closely with their product development teams, developing and testing proto samples, sharing knowledge and solving special requirements. 
Now you just need to tell us what are your requirements for outdoor clothing? We will design for you for free, welcome to contact us!
Types of Tactical and motorcycle clothing we can provide: 

Softshell Jacket
Fleece Jacket
Waterproof Jacket
Winter Jacket
Tactical Pant
Motorcycle Jacket

Your leading outdoor/motorcycle clothing supplier & manufacturer in china
Sky Swallow is a leading supplier and manufacturer of outdoor clothing and motorcycle clothing, with high quality, top technology, comprehensive service and fashionable appearance. As a professional clothing practitioner, our clothing helps you adapt to outdoor and racing activities in all climates and environments, and will not become a burden on your actions. It is our belief to help you better enjoy outdoor travel and racing while ensuring your safety; As a leading manufacturer, it is our task to realize your perfect ideas and produce excellent products.
We provide services for major outdoor and motorcycle clothing brands and wholesalers, and customize their own professional clothing. Standing in the front line of garment manufacturing, we must ensure the scientificity, safety and comprehensiveness of garment design, quality and performance. You can boldly customize your exclusive outdoor clothing or motorcycle clothing in any size (S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL size for men and women) and design from us.
Your professional outdoor/motorcycle clothing supplier & manufacturer in china
Welcome to our own collection engineered to be customized!
As a professional manufacture and exporter of outdoor clothing/motorcycle clothing/rainwear in China, Sky Swallow has been active in the field of medium and high- grade clothing since 2001. With more than 20 years’ working, we have been collecting rich experience about material sourcing, garment sourcing, products knowledge, quality control, shipping service and so on. Now we have been the first OEM choice of famous brand and wholesale or Amazon store. 
The Company head office is located in Ningbo. Here we have trade center, sourcing center, pattern center, logistics center, inspection center and account center. We not only communicate with customers and get all comments about design and sample, but also make pattern and sample, source all fabric and accessory, inspect and test all sample quality before sending to customers and ship out all goods by sea or air.
Two main factories of outdoor clothing and motorcycle jackets are in Anhui province with relatively cheaper labor cost and more workers, compared with other cities of China. One factory has appro 150 workers with 6 production line and another is appro 100 workers with 4 production lines. Both get BSCI certificate. There are Two motorcycle rainwear factories in Jiangxi province.  One is for taping rainwear with 80 workers, and another is for welding rainwear with 120 workers. Sky Swallow and the factories have been supporting each other for many years. We were marching together in wind and rain! 
The main production line of Sky Swallow includes: 
Outdoor clothing: waterproof/winter jackets, classic jackets, softshell jackets, fleece jackets, tactical pants
Motorcycle clothing: Motorcycle Shirt, motorcycle jacket; motorcycle rainwear, jumpsuit, rainproof bootie and gloves
We are quite proud of our waterproof taping technique which is trained by our Germany customs and applied to all orders. The waterproof of straight taping seam is required to get 5k and crotch is 4k. We make taping process and easy to operate for taping workers. 
We always focus on high quality products. At head office, we inspect all material according to material inspection process. At the factory, our QC stay at production line every day to guide workers, check the details. Each product individually before shipment inspected by trained QC is Sky Swallow features. 
Outdoor clothing details 
Tactical clothing is one line of outdoor clothing. Compared with normal outdoor clothing, tactical clothing has more function and higher quality. We are professional manufacture and wholesale of Tactical outdoor clothing. Our products cover from waterproof jacket, softshell jacket, fleece jacket, classical jacket and hunting/climbing pants. Our fabric and accessory focus on top quality, like YKK zipper, Primarloft padding, Prym button, Polartec fleece, Cordula oxford, Coolmax, Teflon DWR and more than 10K waterproof and 8k breathability (ASTM standard) for waterproof products, best tear strength for hunting pants. The style designs not only take care of outdoor basic function, but also pay more attention to tactical feature:easy for gun to pull out and put inside, arm patch to stick badge on upper sleeve, many and elephant pockets, 10-12pcs zippers into one jackets, camo printing on fabric.   
If you are a fan to wear tactical outdoor clothing for army or civil use, Sky Swallow is your best supplier.   
Motorcycle clothing details 
Motorcycle riding has been a more and more popular relaxing sports which leads to the vigorous development of motorcycle clothing. We are a professional manufacture and wholesale of Motorcycle shirt, motorcycle jackets (except leather) and raingear. 
For motorcycle clothing, safety is most important topic. Our motorcycle Jackets or shirts always satisfy Europe CE test. They are added Protect pockets at sleeve/elbow/back and when needed, the riders can inert protectors so as to guarantee a safety trip. In order to get good tear strength and abrasion, we use fabrics like Aramid, UHMWPE, Cordura and so on. 
For Raingear, our products include rainwear, rain suit, rainproof gloves and booties. The artworks are divided into taping and welding. When we are riding at 100km-200km per hour, the waterproof is more double than normal. Our standard of our raingear is straight seam 5K and crotch 4K. Under the control of strict taping process, we gain many favorable receptions from our customers.   
Wish you enjoy riding passionate life with our motorcycle clothing!
Why do you need an outdoor clothing/motorcycle clothing? 
The outdoor environment is complex and changeable, and ordinary jackets and cotton clothes cannot effectively protect you. Therefore, in order to resist the harm to the body caused by the harsh environment, protect the body heat from being lost, and quickly discharge the sweat generated during exercise. You must wear professional outdoor clothes that are easy for activities in version design and fabric selection during mountaineering, rock climbing and other outdoor sports. Professional outdoor clothing is your primary equipment choice for outdoor activities.
Outdoor clothing is designed and manufactured for outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, hunting, etc. According to different materials (Polyester, Nylon, Spandex, Film, Padding, etc.), clothes have different levels and degrees of waterproof, windproof, warm, breathable and other functions. In the design based on traditional clothing, outdoor clothing combines the needs of outdoor activities, constantly extending clothing performance, fully showing the professionalism and irreplaceability of outdoor clothing, making it more effective than ordinary clothing.
In design, outdoor clothing also has its own characteristics that are different from ordinary clothing. Designs like multiple elephant pockets/breathable mesh/hidden hood/adjustable cuffs and hem are the most common applications for outdoor clothing.
In the past few years, with the influence of multiple algorithms in the entire mobile Internet era, the phenomenon of people being divided into groups has become more and more obvious, and people with the same hobbies will be further gathered. According to the analysis of the development trend in recent years, the outdoor clothing wearing scene in the next few years may also be completely subdivided into professional outdoor and outdoor leisure.
The first category is professional outdoor, the traditional Chinese definition of "Donkey Friends", they are generally eager to return to the real nature, living next to the mountains and rivers. They will travel thousands of miles, trekking mountains and rivers, just to find the dream place in their hearts. Professional outdoor groups usually engage in some challenging outdoor activities, such as climbing, hiking, wild camping and so on. Therefore, this type of outdoor clothing will require special functions and technology, and technical fabrics such as POLARTEC/GORE-TEX/PRIMALOFT will also appear on such clothes. After nearly half a century of development, this type of clothing has become very mature, mainly through continuous iteration of innovative fabrics. In addition, due to the excellent protection, warmth, breathability and other functions of outdoor products, it has always had a large and stable user group.
The second category is outdoor leisure. With the penetration of the mobile Internet and the impact of the COVID-19 on travel in recent years, people now basically rely on mobile phones or computers. For nature, there is yearning, and choosing a relaxed and pleasant outdoor trip has become the love of the public. With the development of the light outdoor lifestyle and the switching of outdoor styles, the outdoor ways of the younger generation have become cycling, motorcycles, fishing, skiing, and surfing. The continuous rise of niche brands of such products has formed a huge industry opportunity. Outdoor leisure clothing should take into account both outdoor and daily life. Low saturation color matching (such as brown, military green, khaki and Navy), easy folding and oversize shape have become the symbolic characteristics of this kind of clothing.
In general, under the catalysis of various factors such as online media publicity, epidemic impact, social style update and climate change, outdoor lifestyle is rapidly entering the public. Outdoor clothing has also become a new trend. It is not only applied outdoors, but also to cities. Having an outdoor cloth can not only provide protection when you are outdoors, but also give you more choices for your daily life
Whatever Type of outdoor clothing/motorcycle clothing, Sky Swallow can fulfill the one-step solution for you?
Sky Swallow provides professional equipment protection for outdoor activities. Whether in terms of design, materials, production, quality inspection and service, sky swallow can provide you with the greatest help, because sky swallow has rich experience, professional knowledge, top technology and a united team. Wearing sky swallow clothes is the best choice for you to enjoy travel, meet challenges and walk into nature. At Sky Swallow we know that if you succeed, so do we. We are mutually invested in your success!
At sky swallow, we provide you with a wide range of outdoor clothing and motorcycle clothing, such as Softshell Jacket, fleece jacket, waterproof jacket, winter jacket, Tactical Pant, motorcycle jacket, shirt and Rainwear What's more, you will get all these products at competitive market wholesale prices and product quality.
Wearing sky swallow clothing, you can get good protection and comfort even in bad weather and severe environment.
When you contact us through contact us, how can you get your ideal product?
1. Let us know your target product.
If you have no idea, you can provide us with some ideas, and we will recommend product styles for you according to your preferences and needs.
2. Explore product details in depth. 
After determining the product style to be developed and made, we can have a more in-depth discussion on the details of style / color / technology. Of course, if you have prepared the product design drawings to be developed in advance, you can directly provide them to us. We will put forward our suggestions on style based on the design drawing and combined with our more than 20 years of manufacturing experience.
3. Recommend materials according to the determined product design. 
For outdoor clothing, the quality of materials (fabrics and accessories) largely determines the performance (waterproof, windproof, breathable, ripstopt, warm...) and price of products. Therefore, you need to provide your ideal product parameters and price range so that we can recommend materials more accurately.
4. Free proofing. 
After confirming all the details of the product, we can arrange the materials and produce samples. Usually, we will produce samples for you free, and you only need to pay the express fee. But for some special cases, such as your product involves a lot of additional dyeing costs, maybe you need to bear some costs with us.
5. Sample confirmation. 
After you receive the 1st sample, we will contact you in time and understand your feedback. Discuss and confirm the modification opinions together. We will proofing again according to your needs to ensure that you can get the best products.
6. Sign the contract. 
Determine the transaction information such as material, price, delivery date and payment method. You can send the PO to us, and we will provide the correct PI quickly.
7. Production / quality control. 
Usually, we will charge 30% advance payment before the start of production, and then we can start purchasing materials and production. During the production process, our quality inspectors will continue to supervise the production, and our business personnel will frequently communicate the production progress with you.
8. Deliver on time.
9. After sales service. 
So far, we have not made any major mistakes. If there is any problem, we will quickly communicate with you and continue to serve you to help you solve the problem.
FAQ about outdoor clothing/Motorcycle clothing/Rainwear
Some FAQs help you understand Sky Swallow better.
Q1: What is outdoor clothing?
Outdoor clothing is a kind of clothing with multiple functions for outdoor activities. With the development of outdoor concept, outdoor clothing has also entered the city and become a new wearing style.
Q2: What’s waterproof standard in Sky Swallow? 
The fabric waterproof is made according to customer’s requirement like more than 10k, 8k,5k,3k. When we tape the stitching seam, the waterproof standard of straight stitching is more than 5k and crotch 4k at least. We require our QC to test the waterproof 3 points each time, 1-2 times in the morning, 1-2 times in the afternoon and 1 time in the evening at least.  
Q3: What is mini quantity per style?
Any quantity is accepted. However, big quantity will save a lot of cost, including material and skillful labor, which customers can share very good price. For small order like sales sample, extra dyeing charges and labor will be required.
Q4: What material is outdoor clothing usually made of?
Outdoor functional clothing includes many items, like winter jackets, waterproof jackets, softshell jackets, climbing/hunting pants, motorcycle jackets and motorcycle rainwear. As outdoor clothing customs manufacturer, we supplied rich fabric for our customers.   
Winter jackets and waterproof jackets, we often use fabric of Nylon Taslon, Polyester peach, Nylon and spandex mixed, cotton and Nylon mixed, After-treatment includes PU or PVC coating, PU or TPU film bonding (two layers), Tricot or TPU film bonding (three layers).   
Climbing/hunting pants, the fabric must be enough firm, like T/c fabric, nylon and Cotton fabric, Nylon and spandex fabric. It is quite often to have Kordula Nylon oxford to make a patch at hip or leg opening.   
Softshell jackets, waterproof and four side spandex are basic features. Nylon or Polyester plus spandex bonded different fleece are quite often. If good waterproof or breathability are required, we will add TPU or PU film in the middle layer. Durable Water Resistant is quite popular nowadays   
Q5: what material is motorcycle Jackets usually made of? 
The general character of motorcycle Jackets is to get Europe CE standard on tear strength and abrasion strength. The fabric of motorcycle Jackets includes many styles, but main fabrics used in our factory have: T/C knitted fabric for hoodie, T/C plaid for T-shirt, Nylon Cordura, UHMWPE mixed Viscose, and so on. We spend a lot of energy in developing new special fabrics. If you are sourcing them, welcome to contact us.  
Q6: What material is motorcycle rainwear usually made of? 
Perfect waterproof is basic requirement for rainwear. As a professional motorcycle rainwear factory and wholesale, we have been collecting more than 20+years’ experience and won good reputation from famous brand.  Nylon, Polyester, Nylon and spandex mixed, cotton and Nylon mixed are often used. After-treatment includes PU or PVC coating, PU or TPU film bonding (two layers), Tricot or TPU film bonding (three layers). The waterproof can be more than 10k, 8k,5k,3k. Breathability can be satisfied with customers’ demands.  Good waterproof resistant is top important for rainwear too. 
Q7: How does it work? / What are the advantages of it? 
● Warmth Retention
Although the warmth retention is closely related to the thickness of the fabric, outdoor sports do not allow clothing to be too heavy, so it must be warm and light to meet the special requirements of outdoor sports clothing.
● Water Resistance
The primary function provided by outdoor clothing is waterproof. The waterproof finishing of most traditional fabrics is a coating or film. The effect of waterproof can be expressed in terms of water resistance and surface moisture resistance.
● Breathability
A good outdoor clothing must not only be rainproof but also breathable. Its air permeability is determined by the microporous structure of the film, allowing gaseous water molecules to escape and preventing liquid water molecules from entering. 
● Quick-drying
Moisture absorption and quick-drying is to quickly absorb the sweat produced by the body, drain it to the outer layer as much as possible, and volatilize as soon as possible, so that the body can keep as dry as possible.
Q8: Can it be worn in cold weather? 
Certainly. Sky Swallow can help you participate in outdoor activities in any season and weather. Please choose products according to your needs.
Here, you can choose Softshell Jacket, fleece jacket and tactical pants to provide you with a warm and dry environment to calmly cope with the changeable outdoor weather in spring and autumn; 
You can choose winter jacket to help you lock your temperature in the severe cold and prevent heat loss, so that you can choose to travel even in an extremely low temperature environment; 
You can choose motorcycle clothing to make your ride more colorful.
Q9: What are the disadvantages of it? 
Low usage rate: for people who live almost entirely in the city, the use time of outdoor clothing is limited compared with ordinary jackets, sweaters and other urban clothing. But with the popularity of outdoor activities, more and more people like outdoor style. Outdoor clothing has a wider use scene than before.
High price: due to the particularity of functional materials and high requirements of technology, the price of outdoor clothing is much higher than ordinary clothing in terms of material cost and processing cost. But also based on these, outdoor clothing is usually more durable than ordinary clothing.
Q10: What do I need to know about it? 
It must be emphasized that the preservation and cleaning of outdoor clothing is different from ordinary clothing. You can learn from the answer of Q12.
Q11: How to save and clean it?
First, before cleaning, pay attention to take out the items in your pocket. Many travelers often put some props, such as knives, in their pockets during outdoor activities. Therefore, if you start cleaning without taking it out in time, it is easy to damage clothes in the cleaning process.
1. Machine wash: use low-temperature cold water and neutral detergent;
2. Avoid high-temperature drying, sun exposure and high-temperature ironing: especially clothes with waterproof and windproof film;
3. Maintenance: if the DWR on the surface of clothes is damaged, DWR spray can be used.
Q12: What environment is it suitable for? / Who can use it?  
Professional outdoor clothing is usually used for the following groups:
Other outdoor or extreme sports
Q13: Is it worth to have one?
The value of a clothing often depends on its workmanship and materials. Rough workmanship or low-cost materials can make clothes easy to stop working in harsh environments. So if you plan to use them often and want to get happiness from them, you may want to invest in higher quality outdoor clothing that what can Sky swallow help you.
Q14: Where can I buy high-quality clothing?
If you are a wholesaler, you need to buy products from reliable outdoor clothing manufacturers and suppliers (such as Sky Swallow). CONTACT US When looking for suppliers, please know whether they have enough experience. You can also buy their samples to judge their ability and quality.
If you are a consumer, you can find a retailer or distributor that sells products directly to consumers. Please pay attention to the feedback of other consumers on the product. Usually these comments will help you.
Q15:Some suggestion to customers:
How to face Covid, China government was giving completely different way with other countries. If there is one case who gets novel coronavirus, the residence area need be closed, and nobody is allowed to come in and go out. It is so often that this area is open, but another is closed. It is good to stop the infectious and protect our health, but it leads that some factories can’t work very well and logistics can’t run smoothly. The supply of raw material is much slower than before, and the delivery time of clothing is much longer. Here we would like to ask you to place order earlier as possible as you can.
How to choose a suitable outdoor clothing?
It is well known that temperature changes with altitude and time during outdoor activities. The temperature will be much colder at night than the daytime, and higher altitudes will be much colder than lower altitudes. In the event of strong winds or heavy rains, the temperature will drop sharply. The correct way of dressing and matching can make you respond to the changing weather faster; and the wrong outdoor clothing will not only make you very bulky, but also have problems such as perspiration/warmth. In severe cases, it can even lead to temperature loss / life-threatening. So you need a scientific and reasonable way of dressing and matching - "onion-style dressing". Like the name, this style of collocation is layered on top of each other. Generally speaking, it is divided into three layers, namely the close-fitting perspiration layer, the middle thermal layer and the outer protective layer. The functions between each layer are independent and complementary. When encountering changes in weather and temperature, it can be responded to by adding or removing corresponding clothes. The onion style cloth is the choice of every outdoor enthusiast.
The choice of outdoor clothing needs to be determined according to your budget/needs/use environment.
Inner layer of clothing:
The most important role of inner layer of clothing is to quickly wick away sweat and keep the body dry and comfortable. Many novices will choose cotton clothing, but with the increase of perspiration during exercise, the clothes gradually become wet. When the ambient temperature drops, the wet and cold clothes will make the traveler's body temperature drop. The most commonly used inner layer material is polyester. The polyester fiber has a large surface area and can quickly absorb sweat. In addition, polyester is relatively cheap and is a good choice. According to the composition of different polyester fibers, the quick-drying performance of clothes will also be different. For example, DuPont's COOLMAX, it is more breathable and comfortable than regular polyester fiber, so it is also respected by many high-end brands, of course, its price will be higher than ordinary polyester.
Middle layer of clothing:
The most important role of the middle layer is to keep warm, and its principle is to accumulate air in the clothes. Generally, fleece can be selected for mid-layer clothing, which has good thermal insulation effect and certain breathability. POLARTEC is a high-grade fleece. Compared with ordinary fleece, POLARTEC is lighter, warmer and more breathable. The common thickness is 100/200/300. In addition to fleece, PRIMALOFT is also suitable as the main material for the most mid-layer clothing, with strong warmth / light weight / fast drying.
Outer layer of clothing:
The most important role of the outer layer is to prevent wind, rain and tear.
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