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Are you still worring about how to choose excellent high end outdoor clothing manufacturer?

Sky Swallow is a leading supplier and manufacturer of outdoor clothing, with high quality, top technology, comprehensive service and fashionable appearance. As a professional clothing practitioner, our clothing helps you adapt to outdoor activities in all climates and environments, and will not become a burden on your actions. It is our belief to help you better enjoy outdoor travel while ensuring your safety; As a leading manufacturer, it is our task to realize your perfect ideas and produce excellent products.
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Why do you need an outdoor clothing?

The outdoor environment is complex and changeable, and ordinary jackets and cotton clothes cannot effectively protect you. Therefore, in order to resist the harm to the body caused by the harsh environment, protect the body heat from being lost, and quickly discharge the sweat generated during exercise. You must wear professional outdoor clothes that are easy for activities in version design and fabric selection during mountaineering, rock climbing and other outdoor sports.
Professional outdoor clothing is your primary equipment choice for outdoor activities!
                             Hiking                                                               Camping                                                                  Hunting
Outdoor clothing is designed and manufactured for outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, hunting, etc. According to different materials (Polyester, Nylon, Spandex, Film, Padding, etc.), clothes have different levels and degrees of waterproof, windproof, warm, breathable and other functions. In the design based on traditional clothing, outdoor clothing combines the needs of outdoor activities, constantly extending clothing performance, fully showing the professionalism and irreplaceability of outdoor clothing, making it more effective than ordinary clothing.
In design, outdoor clothing also has its own characteristics that are different from ordinary clothing. Designs like multiple elephant pockets/breathable mesh/hidden hood/adjustable cuffs and hem are the most common applications for outdoor clothing.
                              Climbing                                                               Traveling                                                                  Biking

Common details of outdoor clothing in Sky Swallow:

Tactical clothing is one line of outdoor clothing.
Compared with normal outdoor clothing, tactical clothing has more function and higher quality. We are professional manufacture and wholesale of Tactical outdoor clothing. Our products cover from waterproof jacketsoftshell jacketfleece jacketclassical jacket and hunting/climbing pants. Our fabric and accessory focus on top quality, like YKK zipper, Primarloft padding, Prym button, Polartec fleece, Cordula oxford, Coolmax, Teflon DWR and more than 10K waterproof and 8k breathability (ASTM standard) for waterproof products, best tear strength for hunting pants. The style designs not only take care of outdoor basic function, but also pay more attention to tactical feature:easy for gun to pull out and put inside, arm patch to stick badge on upper sleeve, many and elephant pockets, 10-12pcs zippers into one jackets, camo printing on fabric.   
If you are a fan to wear tactical outdoor clothing for army or civil use, Sky Swallow is your best supplier.
                         Detachable Hood                                              Print Brand Name                                                Hidden Hood
                            Velcro Cuff                                                       Elastic Piping Cuff                                              Adjustable Cuff
                         Seamless Pocket                                                    Inner Pocket                                                    Pattern Pocket

How to choose a suitable outdoor clothing?

You need a scientific and reasonable way of dressing and matching - "onion-style dressing". Like the name, this style of collocation is layered on top of each other. Generally speaking, it is divided into three layers, namely the close-fitting perspiration layer, the middle thermal layer and the outer protective layer. The functions between each layer are independent and complementary. When encountering changes in weather and temperature, it can be responded to by adding or removing corresponding clothes. The onion style cloth is the choice of every outdoor enthusiast.
The choice of outdoor clothing needs to be determined according to your budget/needs/use environment.
                         Drawcord Hem                                                    Seam Taped                                                       Drawcord Hood
                         Diamond Crotch                                              Functional Pocket                                                     Patch Cuff
                     Armpit Ventilation                                       Four Needles and Six Lines                                          Shoulder Patch

Inner layer of clothing:


The most important role of inner layer of clothing is to quickly wick away sweat and keep the body dry and comfortable. Many novices will choose cotton clothing, but with the increase of perspiration during exercise, the clothes gradually become wet. When the ambient temperature drops, the wet and cold clothes will make the traveler's body temperature drop. The most commonly used inner layer material is polyester. The polyester fiber has a large surface area and can quickly absorb sweat. 

In addition, polyester is relatively cheap and is a good choice. According to the composition of different polyester fibers, the quick-drying performance of clothes will also be different. For example, DuPont's COOLMAX, it is more breathable and comfortable than regular polyester fiber, so it is also respected by many high-end brands, of course, its price will be higher than ordinary polyester.


Middle layer of clothing:


The most important role of the middle layer is to keep warm, and its principle is to accumulate air in the clothes. Generally, fleece can be selected for mid-layer clothing, which has good thermal insulation effect and certain breathability. POLARTEC is a high-grade fleece. 

Compared with ordinary fleece, POLARTEC is lighter, warmer and more breathable. The common thickness is 100/200/300. In addition to fleece, PRIMALOFT is also suitable as the main material for the most mid-layer clothing, with strong warmth / light weight / fast drying.


Outer layer of clothing:


The most important role of the outer layer is to prevent wind, rain and tear.

                            COOLMAX                                                          POLARTEC                                                           PRIMALOFT   
                            SPANDEX                                                              FLEECE                                                                    MESH  

Future trend of the outdoor clothing:

According to the analysis of the development trend in recent years, the outdoor clothing wearing scene in the next few years may also be completely subdivided into professional outdoor and outdoor leisure.


1. Professional Outdoor


this type of outdoor clothing will require special functions and technology, and technical fabrics such as POLARTEC/GORE-TEX/PRIMALOFT will also appear on such clothes.


2. Outdoor Leisure


With the development of the light outdoor lifestyle and the switching of outdoor styles, the outdoor ways of the younger generation have become cycling, motorcycles, fishing, skiing, and surfing. The continuous rise of niche brands of such products has formed a huge industry opportunity.




Under the catalysis of various factors such as online media publicity, epidemic impact, social style update and climate change, outdoor lifestyle is rapidly entering the public.Outdoor clothing has also become a new trend. 

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