New Sky Swallow in 2022!

Look forward to the arrival of a new beginning-2022!

The new year will be accompanied by new developments and plans. 2022 will be a year of rapid development for Sky Swallow. As a developing enterprise, Sky Swallow is constantly updating, exploring, forging ahead and growing. According to its own enterprise experience and characteristics, Sky Swallow strives to seize new opportunities, create new hot spots and make continuous progress and breakthroughs in development. Looking back on the past year, with the joint efforts of all employees, the company has changed and improved its organizational structure and system construction. At the same time, with the rapid changes and the operation of the company's good competition mechanism, the company's employees have enhanced their sense of crisis and dedication, which has continuously injected new vitality into the development of the company.

New Business Model — Quick Circulation

Sky Swallow’s original model is mainly based on the needs of customers and serves customers through its rich industry experience. After understanding the needs of customers, provide professional opinions and help according to the actual situation, so as to generate professional and feasible product concepts and samples. After both parties reach an agreement on this basic product, Sky Swallow will purchase all materials and place the formal order to the factory. Such a development pattern, starting from the needs of customers, can ensure the refinement and idealization of products, but obviously it will take a long time. We usually arrange the fabric and accessories required by the order after confirming all the details of the product and order. Sometimes the waiting time for special materials will be very long, which leads to a long time for the operation of the whole order (of course, it will be communicated with the customer in advance).

We found a lot of customers' needs after the rapid circulation of products. After discussion, we think that the production and marketing model of rapid circulation may can meet a large number of urban clothing. Compared with professional outdoor clothing and racing clothes, urban clothing faces a wider market, lower technical requirements and more common materials. Therefore, the rapid production and marketing mode can be stably applicable to the production of urban clothing.

To this end, Sky Swallow will open up a T-shirts production line targeting the medium and high-end market in 2022. We will reserve a certain stock of fabric and accessories to provide the basis for the production and marketing mode of rapid circulation. For Sky Swallow, this is a new start and challenge. Customers can customize their own trademarks. We will achieve the goal of delivery within 15 days through this efficient production chain, so you can place order high frequency.

So do you want to sell some popular T-shirts?

The T-shirt types: Short T-shirt, Long Sleeve and Crew T-shirt. Also we support rich printing under your infinite imagination.

Fabric Content: 100% ring spun cotton 180gsm, shrinkage 1%, not easy to deformation

T-shirts style reference is as follows. Of course, if you are interested in this efficient production line of Sky Swallow, you can contact us and tell us the products you want to develop. Let's explore the possibility of product development together.

Develop New Fabrics

In the field of professional clothing, outdoor clothing and racing clothes, Sky Swallow will make new breakthroughs in fabrics. Develop more high-quality recycled fabrics and special fabrics, and explore and show more possibilities of products. About some new fabrics that have been developed, we will write another article to introduce them to you.

Like some special fabrics, such as HR UHMWPE Denim, Kevlar®, CORDURA, Thermolite, 3M, Primarloft, Polartec and so on.

Expand New Platforms

In 2021, Sky Swallow officially launched an independent website at Google. For Sky Swallow, this is a new platform and a new development plan deployment. Such development is based on the development trend of Internet and digitalization, and is also a positive response to the impact of COVID-19. In such an international situation, it is the best choice to show and introduce us to customers through an independent website, then establish a new friendship. In the new year of 2022, Sky Swallow will continue to explore and enrich this new platform. Take the website as a medium, get to know more partners, explore more opportunities in the new year, find more opportunities with our friends, create more benefits and develop a larger market.

If you are looking for a new manufacturer partner to help you realize some clothing concepts, you can learn about us through the website:, and then please contact us to have common and in-depth communication.

At Sky Swallow we know that if you succeed, so do we. We are mutually invested in your success! Please believe that sky swallow will be your first choice and continue to surprise you.

Here are 7 reasons to choose Sky Swallow

  • More than 20 years of experience in the field of custom high-end clothing
  • Own a large garment factory and warehouse, able to accept large orders
  • A professional design team can provide you with free design suggestions and solutions
  • Independent purchasing department, responsible for purchasing from fabrics to various accessories
  • Comply with international quality standards and obtain various international certifications
  • The price is more competitive and can produce clothing for you at a lower cost
  • After-sales guarantee, reply emails within 24 hours to ensure punctual delivery.