New Fabrics from Sky Swallow in 2022

In the field of professional motorcycle clothing, outdoor clothing and racing clothes, Sky Swallow will make new breakthroughs in fabrics. Developing more high-quality recycled or special fabrics, and exploring or showing more strength products. Here we would like to introduce them to everybody.


HR UHMWPE denim is a super strong fabric. It’s designed for motorcycle clothing. It is composed of HPPE (UHMWPE) and viscose. The specific strength of HPPE (UHMWPE) is more than ten times that of steel wire of the same section. HPPE (UHMWPE) is usually used in military equipment such as bulletproof vests and bulletproof helmets. An alternative to traditional leather woven motorcycle clothing, this fabric offers higher protection, is more breathable and is soft. We weave this high-performance special fiber into the clothing fabric, the wear resistance and tear resistance of the fabric are improved, and the single-layer fabric can directly meet the standard of EN17092, so that the rider can ride safer, lighter and more comfortable. And the fabric is also UV resistant, perfect for motorcycle clothing.


Kevlar ® invented by DuPont, 1965. Kevlar ® Aramid materials are used in various clothing, accessories and equipment to make them safer, more wear-resistant and cutting resistant. It is light, durable and extremely strong, helping people to accept higher challenges. Since its inception, Kevlar ® Fiber is also facing different challenges, and DuPont researchers continue to research and innovate, bringing Kevlar ® The strength, durability and protective performance of push to a new level. Currently, Kevlar ® Fiber has a wide range of applications, including clothing. Aerospace, automobile and so on, so you can find it in track, battlefield and even outer space.

Advantages of Kevlar ®

  1. High Specific ---- 5 times stronger than same-weight steel
  2. High Modulus ---- Good dimensional stability
  3. Good Heat Resistance ---- Long term use temperature 180oC
  4. Superior Chemical Resistance


The special structure of Cordura fabric gives it excellent wear resistance, tear resistance, unparalleled strength and good hand feel. It has the characteristics of light weight, soft, stable color and easy care. Nowadays, Cordura is widely used in clothing, bags, shoes and other products. Moreover, because of the durability and strength of Cordura fabric, the world's leading military forces are using this product to manufacture military equipment with outstanding performance. With the rapid development of garment processing industry, Cordura fabric has also been widely used in the field of professional clothing.

Sky Swallow is a member of the professional tactical clothing industry. We have and are good at applying Cordura fabric to the production of tactical clothing and motorcycle clothing.


Thermolite fiber was a new type of fiber launched by DuPont and now belongs to INVISTA. It is a kind of hollow fiber produced by imitating the fur of polar bear, which has particularly excellent thermal insulation. Each fiber contains more air, forming an air protective layer, which can not only prevent cold air from entering, but also discharge moisture. Keep the wearer's body warm, dry, comfortable and light. The drying rate of fabrics made of Thermolite fiber is about twice that of silk and ordinary cotton. It is suitable for making outdoor clothes such as mountaineering clothes, ski shirts, sleeping bags and so on.

Advantages of Thermolite:

  1. Permanent thermal insulation
  2. Excellent moisture permeability without chemical treatment
  3. Light weight, which can make the human body move freely
  4. Soft, comfortable and friction free
  5. Good shrinkage, wrinkle and fading resistance


3M Thinsulate ™ With its science and technology, innovation and quality, the brand is praised as one of the best thin thermal insulation materials in the world by the industry. It has the characteristics of thermal insulation, light, soft, safe and non-allergenic, fully washable, most of which can be dry cleaned, good elasticity after washing, no shrinkage, and no decline in thermal insulation performance. It provides with professional services and durable thermal protection for clothing, bedding, shoes, gloves, hats, sleeping bags, etc. 

Compared with traditional insulation materials, the thermal insulation of 3M Thinsulate ™ is 1.5 times that of down and twice that of other highly soft thermal insulation materials. The new material can retain more air and heat between the fibers. And in the space of the same size, more fibers can be filled, so it can reflect human thermal radiation more and more effectively. Meanwhile, the water absorption of 3M Thinsulate ™ is only 1% of its own weight. It can keep warm even in a humid environment.


Primaloft, invented and produced by Al bank international, is an ultra-soft and water repellent microfiber. It is a good substitute for down fiber. It is light in weight and has the same soft and warm feel as down fiber. Primaloft dries quickly after being wet and has a warm feeling when it is wet. It is very suitable for wet and snowy weather environment, so it is widely used in high-quality ski gloves, sleeping bags and clothing fillers. Now some top clothing brands are also using it as clothing filler to make clothing warm and wear-resistant.


Polartec, launched by Malden Mills, is a kind of fleece. It is lighter, softer and warmer than ordinary fleece sweaters, and it doesn't shed lint. It dries faster and has good scalability. Polartec is divided into lightweight (100), middleweight (200), and heavyweight (300).  The primary insulation layer among experienced outdoor enthusiasts for nearly two decades, Polartec® fabrics are available in a variety of unique textures and weights designed specifically to enhance performance in a variety of environs.

 Advantages of Polartec:

  1. Warm 
  2. Insulation