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Are you still worrying about how to choose excellent high end motorcycle clothing manufacturer?
Sky Swallow is a leading supplier and manufacturer of motorcycle clothing, with high quality, top technology, comprehensive service and fashionable appearance. As a professional clothing practitioner, our clothing helps you adapt to outdoor activities in all riding climates and environments, and will not become a burden on your actions. It is our belief to help you better enjoy outdoor travel while ensuring your safety; As a leading manufacturer, it is our task to realize your perfect ideas and produce excellent products.
We provide services for major motorcycle clothing brands and wholesalers, and customize their own professional clothing. Standing in the front line of garment manufacturing, we must ensure the scientificity, safety and comprehensiveness of garment design, quality and performance. You can boldly customize your exclusive motorcycle clothing in any size (S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL size for men and women) and design from us.
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Why do you need wear a motorcycle clothing when riding?

Many riders refuse to wear motorcycle clothing because it makes them feel unnecessary, inconvenient and inappropriate. But this is actually irresponsible for their own safety. Unlike cars with safety belts, airbags and other protective measures, motorcycles not and without any proactive equipment. Therefore, when riding, riders can only rely on their own equipment to protect themselves. It is not enough to rely on helmets alone.


Motorcycle clothing is a kind of sportswear for motorcycle riding with the main purpose of windproof and protection. And in the actual riding journey, motorcycle clothing also has many functions. 

The following are four main functions of motorcycle clothing for your reference:

Have a motorcycle trip with Sky Swallow!

1. Protection Against Injuries


In case of a car crash, ordinary outdoor clothing can't protect the human body at all. They will wear out in an instant, resulting in injury to the human body, while motorcycle clothing won't. The high tear-strength fabric of clothing can play a good protective role, especially the protectors placed in specific positions (like elbow, shoulder and back), which can protect the rider from the risk of injury.


The most typical is that although the rider falls down at high speed, he will not be seriously injured, which fully reflects the protective function of the motorcycle clothing.


2. Windproof and Rainproof


Even when it is light wind and light rain, when the rider rides at a higher speed, the wind and rain hit him very painful. At this time, the fastness of motorcycle clothing is very important. A jacket with good fastness can help you weaken foreign blows to a great extent. Of course, the rainproof effect of motorcycle clothing is also very good. Many riders use outdoor waterproof jackets as their riding clothing, but on high-speed riding, they get wet faster than usual.

3. Breathable and Warmth


The fabrics of motorcycle clothing are mostly special abrasion and breathable fabrics, which can send the sweat on the body surface to the out of clothing, and evaporate quickly while riding, so as to achieve the purpose of efficient perspiration and dry. In order to realize this way of perspiration, common fast drying clothing cannot replace at all. Mesh riding clothing in summer are breathable, which can achieve the effect of rapid perspiration; Full seasons motorcycle clothing generally has inner liner, which can not only keep warm, but also remove the inner liner for summer riding.


4. Fashionable


At present, more and more people fall in love with the motorcycle culture, and the functional and handsome motorcycle clothing have also become a fashion trend.

Various colors and styles are available!

Common details of motorcycle clothing in Sky Swallow:

Motorcycle riding has been a more and more popular relaxing sports which leads to the vigorous development of motorcycle clothing. We are a professional manufacture and wholesale of Motorcycle shirt, motorcycle jackets (except leather) and rain gear.


For motorcycle clothing, safety is most important topic. Our motorcycle Jackets or shirts always satisfy Europe CE test. They are added protect pockets at sleeve/elbow/back and when needed, the riders can inert protectors so as to guarantee a safety trip. In order to get good tear strength and abrasion, we use fabrics like Aramid, UHMWPE, Cordura and so on.


For Raingear, our products include rainwear, rain suit, rainproof gloves and booties. The artworks are divided into taping and welding. When we are riding at 100km-200km per hour, the waterproof is more double than normal. Our standard of our raingear is straight seam 5K and crotch 4K. Under the control of strict taping process, we gain many favorable receptions from our customers.  


Wish you enjoy riding passionate life with our motorcycle clothing!

           Shoulder Protector Pocket                                          Back Ventilation                                                 Back Protector Pocket
               Adjustable Shoulder                                                   Spandex Patch                                                   Adjustable Collar
                   Inner Lining                                                                   "+" Taping                                                          Adjustable Cuff

How do you choose a suitable motorcycle clothing?

A suitable motorcycle clothing should not only have enough ability to protect you, but also conform to your style. As for the choice, we have the following reference standards for you.


According to Purpose



- you can choose windproof and good abrasion and tear strength leather jacket;

Short distance city travel 

- you can choose a relaxed motorcycle T-shirt;

Motorcycle travel 

- you can choose a lighter, waterproof and warmth motorcycle jacket.


According to Weather


Spring and Autumn 

- in this comfortable weather, you can choose any motorcycle clothing you like, but don't ignore protective measures! Jackets and T-shirts are good choices. In a rainy environment, you can also bring special rain gear (usually put in a storage bag for easy carrying).



- in the high temperature environment, you can try to choose motorcycle clothing with mesh. It will help you dissipate heat, sweat and keep your body dry.



- low temperature and cold wind are the symbols of this season. You can choose a thickened jacket or leather jacket, or you can use "Onion style wear" (multi-layer warmth) to resist the wind and cold.

                       MESH LINING                                                         FLEECE LINING                                            POLYSTER LINING

According to Wearing Comfort


Sleeves should be longer 

- in general, the rider's arms are often extended forward when riding;


Shoulders should be larger 

– for increasing arm space;


Back waist should be longer 

- it can cover the gap between jacket and pant and has a comprehensive protective effect;


Under the condition of meeting these requirements, try to choose the motorcycle clothes with proper size. At this time, you can refer to your chest circumference, sleeve length and waist circumference data.

Parameters of motorcycle protectors and pockets

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