List of Young Outdoor Clothing Manufacturers in the USA 2022

No doubt, the world around us is evolving faster than ever. The development of outdoor market has also shown new vitality stimulated by the epidemic. As one of the most active areas for outdoor enthusiasts, the United States has also made new developments in its own outdoor brands. Some young outdoor brands produced locally began to appear in large numbers. 

Here is our team’s list of young outdoor clothing manufacturers in the USA.

keela tactical clothing manufacturer

Company Profile: They are a micro manufacturer of outdoor packs. THRUPACK was founded by founder Paul's exploration and thinking on hiking. During the long-distance hiking, Paul realized the important role of packs for thru hikers. Therefore, in order to better meet the needs of hiking, he began to make his own pack. THRUPACK officially appeared in 2017 after his pack was loved and encouraged by his friends.

They have designed lightweight and durable waist bags to help hikers prepare everything they need and embark on a hiking trip easily and comfortably. They also produce matching equipment for packs and accept customization. You can choose the color and pattern of your waist bag according to your preferences, so as to get a unique walking "assistant" that only belongs to you.

Address: Norfolk, Virginia


Company Profile: They are a manufacturer focusing on outdoor mountaineering clothes. The establishment of NW Alpine stems from the personal experience of founder Bill Amos and his thinking and understanding of the outdoor mountaineering clothing market. In order to cater to the market aesthetics, many outdoor companies began to produce more fashionable products, but ignored the professional function design of the products. Bill Amos found this imbalance and began to open a simple and practical clothing series for professional outdoor climbers. Under the pressure of the United States in 2008, Bill firmly believes that local production can bring new vitality to the U.S. economy. Therefore, NW Alpine was officially established in 2010.

With the clothing concept of simplicity, professionalism and practicality, NW Alpine is committed to producing mountain clothing to help mountaineers and rock climbers better participate in sports. They design jackets, hoodies, pants and other comprehensive equipment. May lack some sense of fashion, but NW Alpine is very superior in function and technology.

Address: 8045 State St, Salem, OR 97317

3. Sky Swallow

bluewater tactical clothing manufacturer
Company Profile: The company is committed to integrity, professionalism and high-quality service, and always pursues advanced technology to keep up with market trends and customer needs. In the field of outdoor clothing, we develop with professional technology and strong enthusiasm.

Are you still worrying about how to choose excellent high end outdoor clothing manufacturer? SKYSWALLOW is a company specializing in overseas sales and production of Outdoor Clothing. Can provide you with more products and solutions of different specifications. Our products are of high quality. Products are more competitive. If you need us to provide you with Outdoor Clothing, please contact us immediately!

Address: Room 91, Building 12, Innovation 128 Zone, No.818 Qiming Road, Yinzhou Ningbo China


tuffa tactical clothing manufacturer
Company Profile: VOORMI is an independent manufacturer of outdoor clothing and equipment. Different from other outdoor product manufacturers, VOORMI pays more attention to the necessity of products. After exploring the outdoors, they decided to change the concept of "Gear Decisions" and make really durable and comprehensive outdoor clothes. In order to better invest in products and manufacture high-quality clothes, VOORMI chooses to avoid long-distance factories and fabric factories to save costs, so that they can focus more on developing better fabrics and products.

VOORMI has actively studied and explored the knitting process and wool materials, and explored the potential of functional textiles and high-performance wool fabrics. With this technology, they fully developed outdoor clothing. Whether you want underwear or coat, clothes or hat or gloves, you can find them here.

Address: Pagosa Springs, CO 81147


Company Profile: PURPLERAINSKIRTS is a manufacturer specializing in outdoor skirts. Its establishment stems from the exploration and thinking of the founder Mandy 'purple Rain' Bland on hiking. In the daily hiking, the products in the market cannot meet her exploration of nature and color dress requirements at the same time. So she began to design her own outdoor skirt as her sideline. After this product was loved by the market, PURPLERAINSKIRTS officially appeared and provided to many local hypermarkets.

Their main product is outdoor skirt. Therefore, they integrate some functional features such as quick drying, moisture absorption and perspiration, warmth preservation, etc. often found in outdoor clothing with some current fashion elements such as lattice and color to create unique outdoor products to help girls show their charm even when they are doing outdoor activities. If you are looking for a unique outdoor skirt, it will surprise you.

Address: Medford, OR 97501


Company Profile: Garage Grow Gear is a comprehensive manufacturer of outdoor products. It was jointly built by the two founders. With the enthusiastic support of LIoyd Vogel and Amy hatch for outdoor activities, it has become the brand concept to provide outdoor lovers with the most comprehensive outdoor products. Whether it's equipment, clothes or even food, you can choose here.

Therefore, if you want to get a full set of outdoor supplies ready as soon as possible, you will need Garage Grow Gear.

Address: Saint Paul, Minnesota and Driggs, Idaho

How to Choose the Right Outdoor Clothing Manufacturer?

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