How to Prepare for a Hiking Trip?

What does “Hiking” means in the firstplace?

Hiking is not only different from walking in the traditional sense, but also different from race walking in sports competitions. Hiking is a long-distance walking sport, which refers to the medium and long-distance walking exercise in the suburbs of cities, rural areas or mountains, jungles, deserts and wastelands. 

Hiking is one of the most classic outdoor activities. Compared with hunting, skiing, cycling and other outdoor activities with a certain professional nature, hiking does not require too many skills and equipment. It is relatively simple and convenient. Therefore, hiking is usually the first choice for everyone to start contacting outdoor activities. 

Newcomers can first choose to take a short hike in the suburbs. When hiking in the suburbs, they can breathe some fresh air and enjoy the beautiful scenery, which can not only promote health, but also relieve pressure and increase the interest of life. But for some experienced hikers, a simple weekend route can no longer meet their curiosity hunting psychology, so they are often more willing to choose a difficult wilderness route, take a longer road, see more beautiful scenery, and challenge their psychology and comprehensive quality.

So, what do we need to prepare for a hiking trip?

Before you leave, you need to clarify the following questions:

  • Where am I going? How long will it take? With whom?
  • What are the characteristics of this line? Will there be an inn along the way? 
  • Can you replenish? Is the water source sufficient?
  • What season is the route suitable for? Will you get lost, collapse and other problems?

After clarifying these information, your preparation will be more targeted.


The equipment shall be prepared in advance according to the planned route and weather conditions.


The temperature in summer is usually not very low. You can go hiking in shorts, T-shirts or vests during the day. If the weather is cool, you can wear a long sleeved shirt, windbreaker or raincoat to keep your temperature.

In spring and autumn, the temperature is low and rainy, so in addition to wearing mountaineering pants and light raincoats, you also need to add a warm clothes.

The low temperature in winter is the biggest challenge, and enough warm and dry clothes are necessary.

These mountaineering pants from SKY SWALLOW with strong comfortment, large storage space, large fastness. The light raincoat (can be stored in an outer bag) has good waterproof. They are also the best clothes for hiking.

The simplest three-tier dressing rule for reference:

Inner layer: perspiration and quick drying

This T-shirt and pants from SKY SWALLOW are made of 95 / 5 polyester spandex lattice fleece. They have the function of moisture absorption and sweat wicking. The clothes are soft, lightweight, breathable and warm. They are very suitable as inner clothes for hiking and provide a dry and warm wearing environment for hikers.

Middle layer: warm and moisture proof

This is the fleece jacket from SKY SWALLOW. Simple in design, but has good wrapping. This Softshell Fleece Jacket can not only keep the body shape, but also keep warm. The collar can be customized. You can choose the style with hood, or use a stand collar instead of the hood. Patches on sleeves and shoulder are a feature of this jacket. The shoulder patches of softshell bonded fleece can be used for military activities to provide a suitable place for the armband; The enforced sleeve patches of soft bonded mesh prevents friction and provides soft protection for the arm. The cuffs are also made of soft bonded mesh, which can make the cuffs more shaped. Simple but without lack of details, this Softshell Fleece Jacket will make you enjoy your hiking travel more.

Outer layer: windproof and rainproof

This Spandex Fleece Jacket adds a stiff placket designed to not only realize the function of wind and rain protection, but also ensure the smooth operation of the zipper. Flaps outside of the zipper of the pocket to provide a thorough dry environment for the wearer. The patch on the shoulder can not only stick different armbands, but also reserve space for pens. The Spandex Fleece Jacket has been carefully designed and engineered to ensure the wearer feels comfortable with the detailed treatment of the interior of the jacket, such as overlocking stitch, neck piping and another patch at the hem. The nylon spandex fabric is different from polyester spandex fabric on the market, which well ensures the fastness and shrinkage of the jacket. Whether you are participating in professional outdoor projects or meeting the travel needs of daily bad weather - the SGFJ is a true all round stunner.

Known for its remarkable durability and warmth retention, this world-renowned Primarloft padded jacket is your #1 choice when you're planning to visit a place of extreme cold. Designed to withstand temperatures that go below -30 degrees, it keeps the body temperature locked in to help maintain a snug and comfortable feel. Furnished with a remarkable hood fleece lining as well as a soft nylon body, it greatly enhances its ability to bring a warmer and more comfortable feel. As an underarm ventilation opening makes this piece amazingly breathable, hook loop patches and big inner chest pockets makes it increasingly functional. Armed with light weight hoods and sleeves that promotes mobility, it includes a shell fabric that functions much like a Teflon DWR which allows this impressive tactical jacket to provide you with protection and water resistance.

2. In addition, you may need the following equipment:

Mountaineering socks

Cross country running shoes



Sleeping bag


GPS, compass

Medicine, sun hats and sunglasses


Physicaland mental accomplishment

Good physical and mental quality is a necessary condition for hiking. You can improve your physical endurance through regular daily training, lay a foundation for having a good stomach through a scientific and balanced diet, and build a good psychological quality through training and self summary. All improvements will be reflected in actual combat. Excellent physical and mental quality can help you get a better hiking trip.