How to make fabric waterproof for outdoor use?


Main functions of outdoor jackets: waterproof, windproof, warmth, able to cope with rainy days, windy days, cold weather and other climatic environments

Applicable scenes of outdoor jackets: outdoor activities, such as climbing, running, exploration, camping, fishing, hunting etc.

Main supply countries: China


Know more about waterproof fabrics can help you better understand outdoor jackets, especially waterproof jackets, and decide which to buy.

Outdoor jacket suppliers usually customize the waterproof fabric of outdoor jackets by adding waterproof film (bonding a layer of waterproof film to the shell fabric) and adding waterproof coating (covering the waterproof coating inside the shell fabric).


The difference between the two suppliers' processing methods is mainly reflected in the breathability and price of the fabric. The breathability of coated fabrics is relatively poorer than the fabric with film, because it is difficult for suppliers to make the coating as thin as a waterproof film. If you want to meet good breathability and waterproof at the same time, suppliers usually use the processing way of laminated waterproof film with shell fabric and liner, but this also means that you need to bear more processing and material costs for them.


The waterproof outdoor fabric with film can block raindrops, but still allows sweat to pass through, helping you keep dry in outdoors. Waterproof jackets suppliers usually use 2 and 3 layers to distinguish outdoor waterproof jackets.

2-In-1 Outdoor Jacket

It is made of waterproof fabric with film, and the supplier usually sews a separate mesh fabric as lining in this type of jacket to provide comfort and protection. But this design will also affect the weight and breathability of outdoor jackets.


3-In-1 Outdoor Jacket

Three layers (shell fabric, waterproof film and lining) are all bonded. The 3-in-1 outdoor jacket has more consumables, so it is more expensive and heavier. But it also has better wear resistance to provide consumers with better protection. The supplier can also use the lining material to protect the waterproof film and prevent it from directly sticking to the wearer's skin through the bonding process, which greatly enhances the durability and comfort of the 3-In-1 outdoor jacket.


How to find the good Chinese jacket with outdoor waterproof fabric supplier?

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