How to Choose a Professional Outdoor Clothing Manufacturer

When the company's business continues to expand, facing the external fierce market competition environment, the company needs to constantly develop new products to improve its market competitiveness. Correspondingly, the company needs to increase new suppliers to provide technical support for new products. 

Especially for import companies, choosing new suppliers is an important business decision of the company's marketing department. Good suppliers can bring benefits for the company's long-term development. 

Then how to choose a good supplier can be compared and analyzed from the following aspects:

1. The Reliability of the Source of Goods

It mainly analyzes the commodity supply capacity and supplier reputation. Including whether the quantity, size and color of the goods can be guaranteed according to the company's requirements, whether the reputation is good or bad, the contract rate, etc. We can know what the factory is good at, such as knitted or woven clothing, outdoor or indoor Jacket? Simple or complicate jacket, padded jacket or taped jacket. And jackets or pants? Is the product usually made by the factory of high quality or low quality?

2. Adaptability between Factory and Company

A good factory is not equal to a big factory. The most important factor for a company to choose a good factory is its suitability. For any company, the right factory is the best one. First of all, understand the frame structure and staffing of the factory, so as to judge the production mode of the factory. If the factory is equipped with purchasing, order management, business and other staff, then the factory is suitable for making distribution orders. If the factory is only equipped with workshop and quality management staff, then the factory is suitable for processing orders. 

Secondly, we can know the number of employees in the factory and whether we really have the equipment suitable for outdoor clothing, such as laser cutting machine, template machine, taping machine, waterproof test machine and so on. So as to judge whether the factory's production capacity matches the size of the company's order and whether the technology matches the order requirements.

3. Quality and Price of Goods

It mainly refers to whether the quality of the goods supplied meets relevant standards, whether they can meet the needs of consumers, whether the quality grade grade is consistent with the image of the mall, whether the purchase price is reasonable, the gross profit rate is high and low, whether the expected sales price can be accepted by the consumers, what level the sales volume can reach, whether the first purchase of the goods has preferential conditions and preferential prices. In addition, in the preliminary investigation of the factory, the certificate can also be used as an evaluation standard, such as ISO, REACH, BISC and other qualification certificates that are enough to match the company's business.

4. Delivery Time

What is the mode of transportation, what is the agreement on the transportation cost, how to pay, whether the delivery time meets the sales requirements, and whether the delivery can be guaranteed on time.

5. Terms of Transaction

Whether the supplier can provide supply services and quality assurance services, whether the supplier agrees to settle the goods sold out or delayed payment in the mall, whether the supplier uses local media to advertise the commodity brand, etc. In order to ensure the quality of the goods, the marketing department of the company must fully understand the suppliers through website, email and other means, so as to determine the supplier selection.After a period of cooperation, the company will be familiar with and understand the supplier's product quality, price and reputation. At this time, if the other party is willing to cooperate with the company, it can become a stable supplier of the company and maintain stable cooperation. On the one hand, it can reduce the market risk and reduce the worry about product brand and quality, On the other hand, we can strengthen the cooperative relationship, develop together and win the market.

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