How to choose a good outdoor cloth?

Nowadays, with the popularity of health awareness, more and more people are willing to go out of their homes and participate in sports activities. Outdoor sports, as a sport that pursues exploration, limit and freedom in the natural environment, has been favored by most people. 

With the increasing number of outdoor fans, the market demand for outdoor equipment is increasing. Because for outdoor fans, the appropriate sports equipment is indispensable, it can protect the safety of the athletes as much as possible. Among them, the sportsmen's clothing is the first to be guaranteed, so before every outdoor trip, the sportsman should pay full attention to and prepare the appropriate professional outdoor clothing.

So how to choose the right and professional outdoor clothing? We will dig for you.

1. Choose Accordingto Seasonal Needs

The climate in spring and autumn is relatively comfortable, neither cold nor hot, but the weather may change a lot, so buyers should pay more attention to the function of perspiration, warmth and windproof when choosing outdoor clothing. Especially for mountaineers who want to do mountaineering activities, they need to prepare cotton padded clothes with strong air permeability, such as the cotton padded clothes filled with small gram weight China padding. 

It can not only keep warm, but also make athletes feel warm even in the low temperature environment on the mountain. It can also play a better role in perspiration, and keep their skin dry and fresh during the exercise, Reduce the weight-bearing feeling in sports. As for pants, buyers can choose canvas pants. Canvas pants have good waterproof performance and are durable. Especially at the turn of spring and summer, when climbing in some relatively high altitude areas and encountering light rain or more fog and dew, if the clothes are not waterproof, rain or water vapor will soon contact the skin through the clothes. At this time, the wind blows, It's cold on the surface. 

Therefore, it has great advantages in outdoor activities.

The heat in summer is the biggest problem in sports. Therefore, it is necessary to choose products with strong air permeability, and Coolmax T-shirts and spendex pants become the best choice for outdoor sports lovers in summer. Coolmax fiber with four grooves can quickly drain the sweat generated by human activities to the surface of clothing to evaporate, keep skin fresh and comfortable. It has a good moisture conductivity, and the knitted fabric interwoven with cotton fiber has a good moisture conductivity effect, so even in the hot summer, it can also create a cool and comfortable feeling for athletes, and reduce the burden of summer sports. 

Elastic fabric, as a good retractable fabric, constantly promotes the convenience, speed and effectiveness of outdoor activities to protect the muscle's power consumption in stretching. The elasticity of the fabric keeps the pace of clothing and sports. On the basis of protecting the body surface, it can give full play to human's ability to break the limit.

Winter for the choice of clothing, there is no doubt that the thermal function. Therefore, the buyer must choose the down jacket filled with enough warmth to keep the body temperature of sports. Here we recommend Primaloft or

3M thermal as the filling down jacket. P-cotton imitates the structure of down with artificial thermal insulation materials, resulting in a large number of air chambers in the whole Primaloft filling, which are smaller than the water molecular group. 

These air chambers can capture the heat emitted by the body, and have the innate water repellency. Even if the whole garment is wet, Primaloft still has a high degree of thermal insulation effect, which is unimaginable for down products. 3M cotton is only 25% of the hair. In the same space, the more fibers, the larger the insulation layer formed by the surface area of the fiber to block heat radiation, and the warmer the material. This means that in the same size space, they can fill more fibers and reflect more radiation from the human body. 

Therefore, although they are light, they are very warm. Therefore, the clothing filled with these two materials can fully play the role of keeping warm, so that the sportsman can freely move even in the cold environment.

2. Select According to Weather Demand

For outdoor sports enthusiasts, the weather is the biggest factor affecting the choice of clothing, and the sportsmen often choose the clothing with its corresponding function according to the weather. 

For example, in rainy, snowy and windy weather, buyers can choose raincoats with strong waterproof and high ventilation, which can be used for both sunny and rainy days, so that athletes can perfectly cope with complex weather and reduce the travel burden without wearing a variety of equipment. In sunny weather, athletes can prepare ultra-thin windbreaker and sunscreen clothing to play the role of ventilation and sunscreen.

3. Choose According to the Use Needs

There are two main uses of outdoor clothing, one is for ordinary outdoor sports and leisure travel, the other is for highly professional military activities. As we said above, ordinary outdoor sports only need to consider the weather and other objective factors and personal subjective factors to choose clothing, but military outdoor clothing is very different, it has higher functional requirements for clothing. General military outdoor clothing has more designs for military activities, such as multi-functional pockets, which are easy to move and store.

In addition, buyers can also refer to color, quality, feel and other factors when choosing outdoor clothing. Fabric selection is also a part of judging the quality. Cotton is a good choice for outdoor activities in hot weather. It's comfortable and cool to wear. When it's very hot, you can soak it to cool yourself. Nylon is light, durable, and has different types. It can be used in both cold and hot weather. Most modern varieties of nylon are soft and comfortable to wear. The sweat guiding material can keep the body dry and keep warm. 

Wool is a good natural warm material, wool is suitable for ordinary or cold weather. Fleece refers to a kind of chemical fiber fabric, which is very soft and warm. This kind of chemical fiber material is widely used, with many changes from thickness to type. It's very comfortable to wear. It's warm even when it's wet. It dries fast and light (about half the size of a sweater). Feather thread is natural and is the best thermal material at present. 

Because the surface contains a layer of grease and can gather large air, it is light and has excellent heat preservation effect, but it loses heat preservation when it meets with water.

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