How do you find a private label clothing manufacturer?


What is private label clothing?

Private label clothing, also known as brand clothing, refers to the clothing products produced by the manufacturers designated by the brand clothing retail company and sold in their own stores. In essence, it is an OEM product of the clothing retail industry. It is characterized by self-produced and self-sold clothing, which can save many intermediate links and publicity costs, and can achieve market economies through bulk production and sales.


For example, recently Wal-Mart, the world's largest retailer, launched its own sports brand - Love&Sports, which has been launched on Wal-Mart's official website in the United States and sold in 1500 retail stores., The clothing manufacturer designated by Wal-Mart must produce clothing according to the style and quality requirements designed by it, and the products produced must be printed with its own clothing brand - Love&Sports.

What is the difference between white label clothing and private label clothing?

First of all, white label clothing and private label clothing are produced by clothing manufacturers, and can freely arrange the marketing sales.

However, private label clothing can require manufacturers to customize their products according to their own design and ideas, so the products of private clothing brands are unique, and manufacturers can’t sell to other clothing brand; However, the white label clothing is purchased from the manufacturer for the general clothing that has been completed production, so only customized packaging can be used.

Where can I find a private label clothing manufacturer?

Do you want to start your own private label clothing business immediately?

For private clothing brand, especially high-end clothing company, finding a reliable and cost-effective manufacturer is the key to success. Because only good suppliers can help you develop your own private label clothing market.


Where can I find a free brand clothing manufacturer?

In order to answer this question and help you complete the first step of creating your private label clothing, we have listed the following solutions for you.


1. Trade Exhibitions

Many trade exhibitions are held in different places every year. Here you will see many garment manufacturers from different regions. They will show you professional products. You can check the product quality on site and establish relationships with them.

2. Clothing manufacturer website

No matter what you need, such as looking for high-end clothing manufacturers from China, Google will help you. You can search the manufacturer's website to see their introduction and products. If you have any idea, you can contact the manufacturer directly on the website.

Best 4 Private Label Clothing Manufacturers


1.Sky Swallow

Location: Zhejiang, China

Type: Customization&Manufacturing

Created: 1998

Email: [email protected]

Sky Swallow is a manufacturer in high-end clothing customization in China. We have been working hard in this field for more than 20 years. We have a large number of fabrics for your own brand to choose, responsible for the whole process from purchasing to production packaging. The difference between us and other suppliers is that we create private label clothing for you from concept to final product to ensure that your needs are met.

Let us become your one-stop manufacturer to help your free brand stand out from all competitors!


2.Apparel Branders

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

Type: Customization&Manufacturing

Created: no info

Email: [email protected]

Apparel Branders is an American clothing manufacturer, specializing in assisting customers in the products development, from samples to the bulk production, packaging for the private clothing brands, fulfilling and helping you to carry out business and deal with all your brand needs.



Location: London, UK

Type: White label&Customization&Manufacturing

Created: 2018

TEL: +44(0)2034885831

White2Label Manufacturing,  a clothing manufacturer from London, UK, has been helping private label clothing out to market since 2018. Some of White2Label's products are T-shirts, hoodies, etc. In 2021, it was nominated and awarded by Corporate Live Wire Awards to the Custom Manufacturer of the Year.



Location: New South Wales, Australia

Type: Customization&Manufacturing

Created: no info

Email: [email protected]

Hotsprings is a dynamic and revolutionary clothing manufacturer. With its enterprising attitude and profound tradition, Hotsprings has brought innovation and excellence to Australian retailers' product portfolio through diversified and changing fashion solutions. It has a 10000 square meter flexible warehouse and can handle complex picking and packaging.


What are the advantages of Sky Swallow as a private label clothing manufacturer?

1. Reasonable Quotation

We will provide you with the most competitive price according to the customized products on the premise of ensuring the quality. We firmly believe that the success of customers are the success of Sky Swallow. It is also our concern to ensure that you can obtain rich profits and markets.


2. Rich Experienced

Sky Swallow has more than 20 years of production experience in high-quality outdoor clothing and motorcycle clothing. We have enough capacity to produce your private label clothing in different color,size and style (women/men), and can make professional suggestions according to your needs.


3. Good Quality

We will make free pre-production samples for you before the production of bulk goods, which will help you to check the appearance and quality of your brand clothing, and correct the deficiencies of the products before the wholesale production.


4.On Time Delivery

We will provide you with a reasonable delivery time in combination with proofing time, material preparation time and production time.


5.Low Defect Rate

We have never had large-scale repair. Our long-term cooperation customers fully believe in our ability and quality.