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In the cold season or some cool nights, the fleece jacket can't wait to go out with you. Fleece can not only protect your body temperature from losing easily. The space between the fleece can effectively expel the sweat vapor generated during your travel. Even if you are engaged in strenuous hiking and mountaineering activities, it can help you keep your body and jacket dry.
Sky Swallow is a one-stop manufacturer of bulk products such as outdoor clothing and motorcycle clothing. We provide you with unlimited development possibilities and help you customize your brand clothing within your budget. We provide fleece jackets for many well-known brands. As an excellent manufacturer from China, our jackets are durable and fashionable, impress everyone, and always maintain competitive prices.
At Sky Swallow we know that if you succeed, so do we. We are mutually invested in your success!
What is Fleece Jacket?
Unlike wool directly taken from sheep, fleece which is more mentioned now, refers to synthetic chemical fiber clothing fabric, which comes from polyester. This synthetic method will also be more ethical than taking wool directly from animals. Among them, because of the different processing methods and materials, different kinds and functions of fleece will be synthesized, such as grid fleece, Micro Fleece and so on.
It is usually divided into Single-layer Fleece and Fleece bonded Fleece. The common single-layer fleece has no windproof function, while the bonded fleece has good windproof performance, and can be waterproof of 10000MM and breathable of 3000MM-8000MM.
Therefore, when people choose the fleece jacket they want, they often buy it according to their functional needs. Most of the fleece jackets commonly used outdoors can achieve multiple functions, combining the functions of warmth preservation, wind protection, light weight, quick drying and so on.
With the popularity of fleece jacket, it is applicable to a wider range of scenes. Whether you want to participate in leisure weekend activities, professional outdoor sports, or daily urban wear, you can always choose one from different designs and styles of bulk fleece jackets. Not only that, the price of fleece jacket makes it a fashionable piece that anyone is willing to own. So no matter who you are or what you do, the fleece jacket can serve you! Nothing is more comfortable and practical than a fleece jacket!
Advantages of the Fleece Jacket
Keep warm / Windproof
The warmth of a fleece jacket depends on the weight and thickness of the fleece. The thicker the fleece, the fluffier it is, which means there will be more space in the fabric to store heat and prevent wind. Even in the wet rainy season, the quick drying feature of fleece can keep the jacket dry again, store heat and prevent the wind.
However, please note that the warmth preservation function of fleece is limited. It is more suitable for the climate environment in spring and autumn and the indoor environment in winter. If you want to choose winter clothes, we will recommend you a 3-in-1 outdoor softshell jacket.
The space between the fleece can play a good role in breathability. This can help travelers get rid of water vapor and keep dry at any time even if they sweat during strenuous activities.
Compared with winter Jacket, fleece is lighter and warmer. The average weight of a fleece is 6 to 12 oz per square meter.
On the one hand, fleece is composed of water repellent fibers, which leads to the fact that the fleece fabric itself also has drainage, which can evaporate the water on the jacket faster.
On the other hand, fleece doesn't absorb too much water. When the water comes into contact with it, the water will slide over the surface rather than immerse in the jacket. The advantage of quick drying of fleece jacket also helps many outdoor travelers complete wonderful journeys.
Why is Sky Swallow a qualified manufacturer of custom fleece jackets?
Sky Swallow has a professional and mature team of customized Fleece Jacket pattern and quality control teams, as well as a strict and efficient production line to help you complete the production of bulk customized fleece jackets.
20 + years of experience in the clothing industry
ready to provide professional advice at any time to realize your ideas
The independent purchasing department 
will find the best materials for you to make the products more perfect
High quality technology 
creates the best quality fleece jacket to help you quickly capture the market
As a manufacturer of customized fleece jackets, we will contribute to your brand development according to your ideas and requirements and help you gain profit from the market. At the same time, it is our eternal original intention to work with you to create products that truly satisfy and love wearers!
Why choose Sky Swallow's custom fleece jacket?
Color available
No matter which style it is, we are willing to accept your customized color.
1.Provide our corresponding Pantone color code;
2.We will sample the color swatch (the fabric you have determined) according to the color code;
Please note that different fabric components will affect the effect of color on the fabric, so proofing is necessary.
3.You check and confirm whether the color swatch is your favorite
4.If yes, color confirmation;
If not, we will adjust the color / fabric / processing to help you get the color and fabric you want.
Fabric available
According to gram weight
According to brand
Due to the popularity of outdoor activities, there is an increasing demand for outdoor jackets. People not only need the warm keeping effect of the fleece jacket, but also need the waterproof and windproof function of the waterproof jacket, and they are more longing for the storage function of the tactical jacket...
Therefore, a variety of "fleece jackets" have emerged and are warmly welcomed by the market.
Sky Swallow has a strong interest in meeting the needs of the clothing market. No matter what functional combination of "fleece jacket" you need to customize, we are very willing to help you find fabrics that can meet the standard and produce high-quality "fleece jacket".
Styles available
Many people still have the impression of a single design and simple warmth keeping function on the fleece jacket. But Sky Swallow can help your brand break away from traditional perceptions. For example, the following designs are for your reference:
Hemming design
Golden velvet collar design
Multi pocket design
Four needle and six thread process
Down filling design
Finger cuff design
Chin protection triangle design
Cleaning tips for your reference
The fleece jacket that can keep warm and windproof is an essential choice for outdoor activities travel in autumn and spring, and is loved by the public. However, frequent cleaning will damage the fluff on the jacket surface, which will affect the warmth retention and anti-pilling ability of the jacket and reduce the wearing feeling later.
How to properly clean the fleece jacket without damaging the clothes is a problem that many buyers are troubled by.
Here are our cleaning suggestions for you:
1. When cleaning, soak it in warm water for 5 minutes, then rub it for a few minutes, and then rub the cuff and collar (do not soak it for too long, otherwise it will damage the color of the material).
2. After washing with clean water, press it with a large towel for a few minutes to dry the water, or put it in a laundry bag for dehydration, and then lay it flat to dry, or fold it.
3. If softener is used, do not directly drop it on the clothes. Dilute the softener with water first, and then put the clothes in it.
4. Please be sure to clean the clothes according to the instructions on the washing water label. The clothes marked with dry cleaning materials should not be washed without authorization. They should be sent to the dry cleaner for dry cleaning.
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