Clothing sample makers in China

Are you looking for a sample maker for a new clothing project?


Sky Swallow provides one-stop garment manufacturing services, including procurement, sample making, production, quality inspection, delivery and other services. Sample making is also a very important part of the whole product customization process. Usually, you can start the making samples after you have determined the clothing style, size and brand of the accessories, etc. The clothing manufacturer's sample making will be based on your product technology pack or the sample model you provide. You are free to put forward suggestions about addition or modification on the clothing samples that are made.


So if you ask me if you should hire a manufacturer to help develop your new product line? The answer is yes, it is necessary! The manufacturer's sample making is not only a free opportunity for you to evaluate the manufacturer's production level and product quality, but also an opportunity to help you better understand how your design is transformed into a finished product. Then you can clearly realize which parts fail to meet your imagination, and feed back to your sample makers. We will help you to modify them until your needs are fully met.


If you have some business plans and investment projects about clothing product development, please contact us through the website or social media in any way convenient for you to operate. Our market manager will reply to you as soon as possible within 24 hours and help you complete the entire development process. It may take some time, but this is the only way to ensure your success.

Do the clothing manufacturers in China make samples? How can they help you make clothing samples?

Yes, we can! Sky Swallow can!


For example, you have designed a new season softshell jacket for your brand, and are looking for sample makers of outdoor clothing to help you realize your idea. You know what it should look like, and then you made a tech pack and chose the right fabric, but you can't make it yourself, and you don't know its actual effect. At this time, your sample makers will help you:

1) Understand your ideas and needs

2) Help you choose the fabric and accessories with right brand and size

3) Determine the size of samples you need

4) Purchasing all the materials

5) Start sample making

6) Send it to you for confirmation after samples are finished

7) Discuss with you what needs to be modified

8) The final bulk goods are put into production

What samples can Chinese clothing manufacturers make?

Printing embroidery samples

They must be consistent with the quality of bulk goods and confirmed by customers.

Sewing sample

The fabric and accessories can be substituted to confirm the sewing method.

Size sample

The fabric and accessories can be substituted to confirm the size data.

Display sample

The fabric and accessories are used for the exhibition of customers according to the requirements of customers.

Pre-production sample

The fabric is the formal fabric of bulk goods, which is confirmed by the customer before the production of bulk goods.

Bulk sample

Before shipment, it is used for customer inspection and confirmation.

Do you need to pay for samples?

Sky Swallow will help you make the first sample and pre-production sample for free (for you to confirm the shape, size, fabric and quality of bulk goods)!


The launch of any new product requires the joint efforts of us (clothing manufacturers) and you (brands and retailer), and we firmly believe that your success can make us success. Therefore, we are willing to bear the material cost and processing cost of the first sample and pre-production sample to promote the product development.


But as for display samples and shooting samples, you need to bear their production costs separately. About twice the price of bulk goods. Why are their costs so high?

Because the materials needed for these samples are usually produced separately, which is different from the bulk (leaving a lot of additional dyeing and processing costs), it will be higher than the price of bulk goods. Please understand that garment sample makers cannot afford too much work with high cost without profit.


How long does it take to make clothing samples?

Sky Swallow will make samples for you and send them to you within 7-10 days after completing the material purchase.