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If you are planning to start your private label T-shirt business and are good at buying bulk high-quality T-shirts, congratulations on coming to the right place!

Sky Swallow is a leading T-shirt manufacturer in China, which can help you get customized high-quality T-shirts at the most competitive price. We will open all customized options for you, such as fabrics with different component, sizes, collar shapes, and prints. In addition to more customization options and competitive prices, Sky Swallow will use the fabric stock system to quickly move the whole production line. If you have a year-round T-shirt sales plan and need high-quality T-shirt manufacturer with fast and stable delivery, Sky Swallow will become your most trusted partner factory.

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Your reliable Chinese T-Shirts supplier

T-shirts have always been the top 1 project of all clothing brands, especially for new private label clothing. Blank T-shirts can no longer attract the attention of consumers, but the market demand for T-shirts cannot be replaced. According to experts' statistics, the customized T-shirt market is expected to grow to 3 billion dollars by 2025. Therefore, this is the best time to create your independent private clothing brand T-shirt supply chain. Creative high-quality T-shirts created by their own brands have become the best-selling products, which have more competitive advantages than ordinary cotton shirts.


Why is it the best choice to choose a Chinese customized high-quality T-shirt manufacturer?

Choosing an appropriate partner is often a difficult task. You need to comprehensively consider a large number of issues such as T-Shirt manufacturer’s region, price, quantity, delivery and payment terms. However, the rapid development of cotton T-shirt manufacturers over the years has deepened the sense of confusion. How to choose? Let Zoe from Sky Swallow give you some advice.


China is one of the countries with the lowest raw materials cost.

China is the world's largest producer of textile fabrics. Chinese clothing manufacturers can help you purchase the most affordable raw materials (cotton, polyester, etc.).


China is one of the countries with the lowest labor cost.

The clothing manufacturing industry itself is a traditional labor-intensive industry. In the T-Shirts manufacturing, the labor cost accounts for more than 50% of the production cost. Although India, Bangladesh and other Asian countries have cheaper labor, China's more advanced machinery and management enable China to produce more high-quality T-shirts.


The Chinese government strongly supports T-Shirts exports.

The current international situation is complex, with the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, international tensions, and monetary and economic instability. For example, as the Central Banks continue to raise interest rates to fight against the worst inflation in decades, the pressure on enterprises and households is growing, and the European manufacturing industry is shrinking. Some European countries also recorded the lowest manufacturing PMI. In this case, the Chinese government is still very concerned about the export situation of local clothing manufacturers, and has introduced many preferential policies to support the development of China's T-Shirts manufacturing industry.


You can still trust that high-quality T-Shirts manufacturers in China will not disappoint you.