Custom Clothing

How to Get Your Clothes Made From A-Z

Get the help you need for any quantity and from design to production!

Our Garments Production Package is made for everyone that wants to start or extend their clothing line. Whether startup, small business or established company, we help with all the steps you need to thrive in the clothing industry.

There are many aspects that need attention to detail when it comes to the clothing manufacturing process: fabric type, colors and cuts are just some examples that you have to specify when working with any Chinese clothing manufacturer for instance. This coordination often goes wrong.

1. Develop a Concept

The only thing you have to prepare to get started is any digital image, hand drawing or a reference product with some explanations about what to change. We will go over your design idea in detail before and during the creation of your project.

2. Pattern and Sample

We make a free custom sample for you after doing the full development with us! You can also receive a very comprehensive swatch book when needed. Hold your own clothing design in your hands for the first time! Enjoy and test your product idea.

3. Source Material

We provide a simple souring process for all of your production needs. Tell us what you're looking for and we'll either source it because it's available with our suppliers, or we'll provide alternatives if they have something similar, or we'll have it custom made.

4. Water-repellent Test

It measures the resistance of fabrics to wetting by water. Water sprayed against the taut surface of a test specimen under controlled conditions produces a wetted pattern, whose size depends on the relative repellency of the fabric.

5. Waterproof Test

First, the fabric to be tested is pulled taut and sealed in a controlled chamber. Water is then slowly poured into a graduated cylinder placed on the fabric. Once this pressure becomes too great, water begins to permeate through the fabric.

6. Bulk Quality Control

  • QC stay at factory everyday
  • QC inspects materials again before bulk.
  • QC controls from cutting to packing.
  • Inspect each product Individual before shipping out.
  • Always Thanks to inspectors from customers

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